5 Reasons Why We Want A Second Season Of “Live On”

JTBC’s youth drama “Live On” starring Hwang Min Hyun and Jung Da Bin may have wrapped up earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t anxious for a second season.

“Live On” follows popular high school student Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin) as she joins the broadcasting club to find the person trying to reveal a dark secret from her past. She meets the meticulous Go Eun Taek (Hwang Min hHun), head of the school’s broadcasting club, and together they form an unlikely friendship to uncover the truth and tell her side of the story. 

Here are five reasons why we want a second season!


Written by Bang Yoo-jung each “Live On” character is fully fleshed-out with their own unique stories and secrets. From episode to episode the characters grow as individuals and as part of a group, leaving viewers with the ongoing question “what’s going to happen next?


The visuals in “Live On” are unfair, but what do you expect from a youth drama packed with idols. NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun in his first lead role is complemented by supporting actor Byung Chan of VICTON and Yeon Woo of Momoland. Additionally, Yeonjun from TXT makes his acting debut with a special appearance in the final episode.


From the heart-fluttering “Your Light” by TXT to the intense “NAAN” by BIBI, the “Live On” soundtrack captured the hearts and minds of viewers. What made this OST special is how the different types of songs were created to set up or assist the scenes you were about to witness.


Societies across the world have different viewpoints for bullying including covering up, if you see something say something, and other similar ideas. It is generally assumed that someone, most often the victim will speak up and that’s simply not the case. “Live On” brings the issue of bullying, both in-person and online to the forefront and gives a new perspective to the issue. 


From great acting and neat narration to a good storyline and valuable subliminal messaging, “Live On” is an unexpected hidden gem. The plot revolves around the daily struggle of high school students in a real way that is not only light and heartwarming but honest. It’s an easy drama to binge at a day with just eight episodes, each over an hour long. 

live on.jpeg

Did you watch season one of “Live On”? How did you like it?

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