5 Times BTS Did Not Hesitate To “Betray” Each Other In The Name Of Winning

Whether you have seen BTS in an interview, variety program, or live stream you know that the members have that effortless best friend chemistry. After over a decade of friendship, it’s become second nature for them to tease, betray or otherwise sacrifice their fellow member in an attempt to win any competition against each other. This type of friendly competition is what makes their variety show, “Run BTS!” so appealing. Fans get an inside look at their favorite group being themselves. From hilarious unscripted chaos to blatant mischief here are my top five favorite betrayals from “Run BTS!”


Split into two teams, the Maknae line vs. Hyung line and Suga serving as the MC, BTS heads to Aqua Planet’s One Mount water park in Ilsan to complete a series of games. After each game, the winning team picks two dishes, while the losing team picks one. The goal of the teams is to not only win each game but also find the spy, while the spy’s goal is to make his team lose and not be found out.

BTS One Mount.jpg

Spy games are fun because the boys end up spending more time accusing each other of trying to make them lose, than actually trying to find the spy to work together.


In this series of episodes, the boys take over Korea Job World, a theme park built for children to try out different careers to see what they might like for the future. The members were assigned jobs and had to figure out which members are secretly from another village by finding clues throughout the park.

BTS Village.gif

In true typically BTS fashion they really got into their characters, acting as their specific career type, and formed loose alliances to find out who was from the other village.


BTS let loose in an empty mall — what could go wrong? The better question is what could go right. The boys scour the mall in an effort to collect cards, each with a different meaning. They then earned points by using the cards to play games with the staff. Their unofficially secondary mission is to tease, spy on and blatantly lie to each other about how terrible they are doing throughout the game.

BTS 007 Op.jpg

Each member thought he won, but in reality, they had no clue who actually won since they all lied about how many points they actually had.


From the moment this extreme game of hide-and-seek meets tag it was utter chaos. Each member taped to his back and was assigned another member to secretly place stickers on their back. Stickers were earned by finding Hangul letter puzzle pieces throughout a large indoor/outdoor campus and creating words for staff.

BTS Hangul Gif.gif

Each member thought he won, but in reality, they had no clue who actually won since they all lied about how many points they actually had.


If there’s one thing you don’t play with the Golden Maknae Jungkook, it’s video games and he proved why during the BTS Game Scout episodes. The boys played a series of four games including Kart Racer, Catchmind, Tales Runner, and Gang Beasts — whereas each game get more difficult and crazy, so did the members.

BTS Game Scout.jpg

From RM and Suga competing to not finish last and Jimin spamming the chat to V and J-Hope conspiring to defeat Jin and everyone teaming up to beat Jungkook, you would’ve thought they won a Daesang, not a round of a video game due to their overly dramatic reactions.

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