Must-try K-beauty products for 2021

2020 has been an unprecedented year where we have learned to be more cognizant of our health and wellness. Our skin is definitely a main concern as mask wearing, constant hand washing and staying indoors has raised some distress. Below are some of my top picks of K-Beauty products that will continue to be a big hit in 2021


What better solution do we have for maskne than acne patches?! In case you didn’t know, maskne is a new term coined in 2020 for acne that is a result of mask wearing. Acne patches use hydrocolloid dressing to extract oil and impurities from pores to speed up healing. It also acts as a layer of protection between your acne and mask in the daytime.

Two of my favourite go-to acne patches are CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch and A’Pieu Madecassoside Microneedle Acne Patch. I find that CoxRx works best when there is acne breakout as it does a great job extracting all those impurities. A’Pieu works best when you feel an acne forming but it hasn’t surfaced to the skin yet. The microneedles (don’t worry they are not real needles but actually dissolve overnight) will actually help the hydrocolloid dressing to penetrate further into the skin so that the acne gets treated before it fully takes form.

#2. CICA

Mask wearing, staying indoors, stress, lack of exercise has taken a toll on our skin. A lot of people have seen increased inflammation, skin redness, eczema, skin rashes, breakout and irritation. Skincare products with calming and skin soothing ingredients is definitely a popular product. Cica made an appearance in the Korean skincare industry a couple years ago and have evolved into many different types of products but it’s history dates back to traditional medicine for centuries. Cica is mainly known for anti-inflammation, hydrating, repairing and soothing. Whatever skin issue you have, Cica is there for you.

Recently, I’ve had the chance to try the Urang Cica Soothing Ampoule and Jumiso Super Soothing Cica & Aloe Serum. Both are very gentle products to a point where it didn’t feel like I put on anything. However, my skin felt very hydrated and the dullness definitely improved after a week’s use.


Clean beauty has been a rising global trend as individuals are being more aware of the ingredients that they are using in their daily skincare routine and its long term effect on health.  Korean skincare products have recently been introducing many organic and/or vegan products in the market.  In the past, my skin would breakout the first few days when I switch to a new skincare product.  However, as I started choosing clean skincare products, this did not happen anymore. Definitely choosing the right ingredient and right product for our skin can make a big difference.

PyunKang Yul essence toner, Urang cica ampoule and Belif aqua bomb moisturizer are some of the clean products that I have introduced into my daily skincare routine. PyunKang Yul and Belif are created with herb-derived formulae while Urang contains only natural and organic ingredients, which makes these products clean. All of them are free from harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, fragrance and mineral oil. Though they all feel gentle, they are extremely effective and does the job properly. My skin feels very clean and hydrated throughout the day and with much less breakout than before.


We’ve all heard about probiotics doing incredible things to our digestive system and body. Consuming yogurt and other types of fermented food to stay healthy with the help of these microorganisms may be part of our diet now. However, not only do they do wonder inside our body, it also does wonder to our skin. Our skin has its own probiotic bacteria that helps our skin to stay healthy and remain in a balanced state. This theory has led to more Korean skincare brands introducing probiotic infused skincare.

My first interaction with fermented products was with Sum:37 Secret Essence. It uses an all natural fermentation process of over 80 ingredients for 365 days. With the belief that fermentation is good for our health, I decided that it would do the same for my skin. Redness on my cheeks disappeared after a month and my skin was deeply hydrated, firm and soft. I didn’t care much about my skin growing up, so this essence rebuilt it back to a better shape.

What other K-beauty trends or products do you recommend in 2021? Leave your comments below!

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