10 Songs To Cut The Winter Chill

It’s February, which means winter is settling in (thanks, Phil), so I wanted to put together a list of songs that feel like a warm hug. I imagine sitting by a warm fire, watching snow as it falls outside the window. Some of these tracks are full-on summertime jams, while some have references to cozy things, and others just make my heart feel all kinds of snuggly. Here are 10 songs that will help to cut that winter chill!

1. “Summer Breeze” – SF9

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track that screams summertime. When you’re watching that snow come down in sheets, a warm, summer breeze is called for! And that’s something SF9 can deliver in spades, starting with this dynamite track. The warm vocals of this song are just what the doctor ordered. When it opens with that western whistle and background banjo, look out for rogue tumbleweeds, my friends. My favorite part of this track is in the second verse when the beat drops. It makes me want to get up and dance every time. Enjoy this summertime jam and let the “summer fragrance [make you] dance…giddy up!

2. “Jungle” – CIX

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track that feels like a hot temperatured adventure.  The title alone makes me suddenly feel like fanning myself. Ha! There’s so much happening on this song, so many levels and layers. The instrumentals are a journey all on their own. It’s the kind of track that transports you to a different, far off destination. You could be floating down a river, trying to solve a mystery in the desert, or going on a hunt in the jungle – the options are endless! The lyrics refer to thorns, swamps, wilderness, predators…oh my! You can even hear the sounds of bugs in this song’s intro; the ambiance is set!

3. “Sukhumvit Swimming” – ONF

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track that reminds you of summertime road trips. I’m always finding ways to remind people that this song exists. It’s a freaking BLAST and it’s so unique. The chorus feels like a trip with friends just waiting to happen! It lives in this really nice vocal key, with a fun mix of higher and lower notes. It’s something every friend group should be singing along to at a summer hangout. The word “Sukhumvit” in the title and chorus refers to a major highway in Thailand, so just throw this track on and imagine yourself traveling in the warmth of Bangkok.

4. “Twilight” – WEi

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track that reminds you of summertime freedom. This is probably an every-season kind of song, but those whistles make me feel all warm and gushy inside. If you’re unfamiliar with rookie group WEi, their youth and vibrance can brighten even the darkest of days. Penned by Pentagon’s Hui, this song is so full of richness and honey sweetness. A line that makes me smile every time is in the first verse: “Keep holding me tight like that. You’re my living room.” There are few things that are cozier than your own living room. This song would make me feel warm even if I ran through the snow barefoot. (Which we do not recommend trying.).

5. “Red Lie” – BTOB

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track to listen to around a campfire. I love an acoustic guitar track during the winter time. The sound of those strings bring their own kind of comfort and that’s a huge part of why this song belongs on this list. Some other reasons? The harmonies and the vocals in the chorus, the way Ilhoon hits us with that “Baby I’m so bad, yeah baby I’m so bad” line, and the catchiness of the main melody, to name a few. This song tells the story of a cold woman who’s full of “red lies”, but the frustration in the lyrics heat it up. If you’re unfamiliar with this BTOB B side, add it to your favorite playlist! You won’t be disappointed.

6. “Waves (feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie)” by Kang Daniel

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track that reminds you of a beach vacation. The beat on this track is so, so infectious. Every time I listen to this song, I think of being at a beach party somewhere fun and exotic. Maybe it’s the number of times they talk about water or the sound of water in the intro. Either way, the combination of Danile, Simon Dominic, and Jamie is unmatched; their tones are hot, hot, and hot. When your winter, wherever you live, is at its coldest, throw yourself an at-home fiesta and crank this track up! Dancing around your home with this song on repeat will warm you up, even on the coldest night.

7. “Magic Island” – TXT

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track to comfort you. I won’t lie, I had a hard time choosing 1 from a list of 6 TXT songs that would fit this playlist. But I just kept coming back to this one because of how comforting these vocals are. They have other songs that are so obviously summertime jams, but this one hits just right on a winter night. Winter can be a difficult season, especially if you live somewhere that feels like an endless night and cold. I hope if that’s your situation, you escape in your mind to a Magic Island and be comforted by this track.

8. “Energetic” – Wanna One

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track to get you moving! I’m realizing that this is another song on my list that was written by Pentagon’s Hui and I guess he’s the king of warm, summertime tracks! This song has fun lyrics like, “It’s time to have fun. Let’s dance, even if your nice shoes get dirty.” So if you’re been sitting around, stuck inside all day, let this song get you up and moving around! This one will fill you with energy in an out of control kind of way. So listen sparingly! 10/10 would recommend putting the music video on while you’re having your dance party; this video will fill your space with youthful energy!

9. “COOL” – Weki Meki​

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track that feels like a strong woman anthem. The irony of this song title is not lost on me. BUT HEAR ME OUT. This song is all about being different and doing your own thing. These ladies tell us it’s about being so cool, you’re hot! When you’re stuck inside this winter, crank this song up and sing along about breaking all the “boring rules” and “wake wake wake yourself up.” Weki Meki are queens of summertime and this song, while it hits differently from their previous hits, is no exception. They also have an English version of this song called “100 FACTS,” so it’s like a 2-in-1 deal!

10. “TMI” – Gray​

This is the song for you if you’re looking for a track to validate your choice to stay inside. At first listen, all I could hear was the repetitive chorus. But it’s also addictive and gets stuck in your brain in the best way. In this song, Gray joins the rest of us individuals who love staying home. The lyrics feel like he’s having a conversation with himself; deciding what to do, where to go, whether to go anywhere at all, what to watch on Netflix, and so on. If you’re stuck inside, you can 1000% relate! It’s best to stay under your blanket; it’s a stressful world out there! Ok it’s a stressful world during any season, but especially during the winter. Shoveling sidewalks, trying not to slip on ice…the list goes on! Let this song encourage you to stay inside and be warm.

Which of these songs is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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