Binahearts’ Valentine’s Weekend Underrated K-Drama Recommendations

It’s that wonderful time of year and whether you like it or not, there’s no real escaping the hearts and balloons of Valentine’s Day. This year in particular, can be pretty boring or lonely for many, so if you’re looking for to stay in and cuddle up to a good K-drama that you might never have heard of or considered, here is my very small list of recos. Hope you find one and like it!

1. “The Package”

the packagee.jpg

If you’re social distancing or in lockdown or in quarantine, “The Package” is a great K-drama to watch that will help quench that traveling thirst bug even for a moment. It’s set in the beautiful scenic country of France and it stars Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee as a couple lost souls who are trying to find their identity. It’s a quirky romance, but with the beautiful backdrop of Europe, you’ll be totally entranced.

Where you can watch it: Viki

2. “Go Back Couple”

go back couple.jpeg

This is a drama that I always recommend to anyone who has watched a lot of dramas and is running out of things to watch. It did garner a bit more recognition after the series was completed, but while it aired, there wasn’t much buzz about it, except for some hype around the hunky second male lead, Jang Ki Yong. The series touches on some pretty emotional themes like regret, marriage, family, and death, but it ends up being a healing drama that perfectly ties up all loose ends, making it a feel good drama.

Where you can watch it: Viki

3. “to. Jenny”

to jennyy.png

If you like a sweet romance with the backdrop of a singer/songwriter, “to. Jenny” might be just the perfect drama for you. And if you can appreciate a melodious ode to the beauty that is samgyupsal (pork belly bbq), then you’ll appreciate the humor in this- not to say that samgyupsal is a joke. You’ll recognize the main lead, Kim Sung Cheol if you watched “Prison Playbook” and you’ll have seen the female lead, Jung Chae Yeon in recent drama, “My First First Love.” (She was also in the K-pop groups I.O.I and DIA). The songs are catchy and cute,  the main lead will charm his way into your hearts, the story is simple and pure- the only bad thing about it, is that it’s only two episodes.

Where you can watch it: Right here…

4. “1% Of Something”

1% of something.png

I had a hard time letting this one go when it finished, which was really odd because it took me a few episodes in the beginning to really get invested. This series made me a fan of Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min. The story is a conventional one; chaebol is forced into an arranged relationship with a plain teacher. They make rules and set an end date to their “relationship.” Despite this plain storyline and predictable end, it was an enjoyable watch and most of this is owed to the undeniable chemistry between the two leads.

Where you can watch it: Viki

5. “Lookout”/”The Guardian”


With Kim Young Kwang’s new drama, “Hello! It’s Me” hitting the small screen on February 17, you can prepare your hearts for the fantastic Kim Young Kwang by watching “The Guardian.” Being someone who’s not into crime and action K-dramas, this one definitely took me by surprise. First, you got a group of unconventional misfits banding together to take down corrupt prosecutors. And then you got a killer cast by the likes of Lee Si Young, Kim Seul Gi, Kim Tae Hoon, Choi Moo Sung, and of course, Kim Young Kwang. They oddly all have amazing chemistry with each other and even without the romance, the story prevails and manages to keep you engaged.

Where you can watch it: Viki

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Which of these K-dramas will you be watching? Let me know in the comments below! 

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