4 Words To Remember: “Sisyphus: The Myth” Recap Episodes 3 And 4

Episode 3 and 4 was packed with so much action that I didn’t even get time to catch my breath.  In this week’s episodes, we finally got a better glimpse on the personal story of Seo Hae, getting more details how this human teleporting business works and why Tae Sul is continually being targeted.  Sisyphus continues to drop questionable elements that leave us anxiously waiting for the next episodes.  I am eager to put these puzzle pieces together.  I hope this drama can continue the tension and momentum that we have experienced in the first four episodes.

Before we end it here, many big words were dropped during this week’s episode in which we do not have full answers to.  Below are 4 words that we should keep in mind as they may be the key to unfolding the whole mystery behind this drama.

#1 Uploader

Episode 4 starts off with a glimpse of life in the future and we see that the uploader seems to be highly advertised as a soldier leaves a post in stores saying “Uploader: Visit us for consultations?”  It seems that humans are teleported to the past through the Uploader and the basis of this technology was developed by Tae Sul.  However, why does everyone, including Hae Seo, want to kill Tae Sul and stop him from creating this?  

#2 Downloader

This was coded by Tae Sul in 2001 and it seems like it is the receiver of  the uploaded humans so that they can arrive in the past.  It’s still a bit puzzling as to how the downloader works with the uploader to teleport humans and what was its original intention?

#3 Sigma

We don’t have too much information about this company yet. All we know from Hae Seo is that they are the ones who specifically want to kill Tae Sul.  It is speculated they also want to stop Tae Sul from creating the Uploader but only future episodes will give us more details.

#4 Control Bureau

We are not unfamiliar with this name. They have been coming up since the first episode but there is still so much unknown as to their main purpose and actions that is dreading for answers.


Tae Sul is being attacked by teleported humans during a presentation of his company’s new technology, a teleporting machine.  Seo Hae ends up saving Tae Sul from the attack and he finally learns about this whole teleporting business.  

Seo Hae tells Tae Sul that in addition to the Control Bureau, people are teleported from the past to kill him, especially the company Sigma.  However, Seo Hae is sent back to protect him and to stop him from creating the teleporter machine.  The Control Bureau tracks down Tae Sul and Seo Hae and chases after them.  During their escape, they run out of road and make a bold decision to jump into the water below.  In doing so, Seo Hae gets shot and is separated from Tae Sul.

How did you like the most recent episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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