Idols Who Stole The Show At Fashion Weeks

The entire world going crazy for Hallyu is one thing, selling out stadiums in just seconds is another. But nothing is quite like the overwhelming K-Pop hype taking over at Fashion Week.

From music videos and comebacks to albums and everything in between, K-Pop idols have followed a concept or era that effortlessly coordinated to flow together with fashion as the centerpiece. It’s not just music and image, idols street style, airport fashion, and loungewear are eagerly discussed and sought after by fans, that luxury brands want in on the action. And why wouldn’t they? Fashion has always been an integral part of K-Pop.

From the front row to the runway, here are the K-Pop idols who stole the show at fashion weeks across the globe.

Front Row






Mino (Winner)

Jessica Jung

Rowoon (SF9)

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