5 Unexpected Moments From Episodes 3 And 4 Of “Hello, Me!”

After 2 episodes of hilarious, humiliating moments, we’ve reached episodes 3 and 4 of this new KDrama. This is the part of the plot where conflicts start kicking into gear, we learn new things about characters, and connections start to appear. In this week’s episodes of this unique new show, there were multiple scenes that seemed surprising, leaving me curious for how this plot will unravel in the future. I have so many questions and predictions, but for now, here are 5 moments that were unexpected from episodes 3 and 4 of “Hello, Me!”

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. Hanni is Saved By… Gangsters?

After getting into a fight with young Hanni, present day Hanni finds herself yelling over the edge of a bridge. She was looking over the edge and had just stepped back down when a car pulled up and men got out to approach her. Hanni finds herself (once again) at a police station because the men thought she was going to throw herself off the bridge. At first, they acted like they recognized her somehow, but then later we realized they simply were wanting to save her. As she details her current life situation, these gangsters and the police officer all believe she was at risk, especially after she mentions that this might be the second time she’s found herself in a situation like this. As they’re leaving the station, the “boss” gives her his business card and says Hanni should call him if she finds herself in trouble. After all of her bad luck, frustration, and desperation, this chance run-in gave her the courage and strength to push forward. What a random, but fateful encounter! And she decides to cash in that favor later on in the episode.

Pic 1.PNG

2. The Hannis Meet a… Tech-Savvy Shaman?

Both the young and the present day Hanni went to a PC cafe to do some research about time travel. After coming up empty, present day Hanni decided to ask the smartest person she knew – her nephew. Even he wasn’t able to help her, so the Hannis were left without any ideas of how to send young Hanni back to her own time. Randomly, a man approaches them in the street, noting that they are the same person. Just by looking at the pair of them, he seems to know more about their situation than someone should! He tells them that if they need help, they should follow him. So of course…they do. Surrounded by some kind of high tech computer setup, he recites some kind of math equation and offers them a possible solution to their problem. After a few vague statements that buy young Hanni’s trust and wonder, he asks for money and tells them to come back on a rainy day so he can perform the ritual that will send young Hanni home. Their journey to come up with the money to pay him brings Han Yuhyeon back onto our screens, as well.

Pic 2.PNG

3. Hanni was Once Yuhyeon’s… Superman?​

In the first 2 episodes, we’d been given glimpses of a keychain that Hanni owned, but that present day Yuhyeon somehow has. That riddle gets answered in episode 3 after Yuhyeon drops the broken keychain on the ground in front of present day Hanni. Through a flashback, we see a young Yuhyeon being bullied by a young Chunsik, of all people, and Hanni shows up and kicks him in the face yet again. When Yuheyon asks her for her name, she responds that she’s the neighborhood Superman. She inspires him to stand up for himself and for others and unknowingly drops her broken keychain on the ground, which he collects and keeps. In the present timeline, Yuhyeon returns the keychain to his Superman, which we learn provides her with a once lost connection to her late father. The Chunsik-Yuheyon connection is one that we’ll probably learn more about, as the struggling chaebol Yuhyeon and hustling actor Anthony run into each other again.

Pic 3.PNG

4. Yuhyeon is Actually… Good at Something?​

Going into these episodes, we knew that Yuhyeon has earned a lot of certifications over the years that cover a variety of skill sets. But since he doesn’t have a job, we don’t know if he’s actually a skilled, capable guy, or if he just got those certifications as a hobby. He did call them hobbies, after all! In these new episodes, though, Yuhyeon puts his money where his mouth is and shows off a little bit! After making a(nother) bet with his dad that he could work in the company’s cafeteria for 100 days, he flexes his chef skills. Whether it’s because he’s so motivated for his dad to forgive his debt or not, Yuhyeon gets to work. We watch as he prepares a LOT of vegetables by himself for the cafeteria’s service the following day. And 2 other cafeteria workers are fully impressed by his abilities. Yuhyeon has done a lot of (adorable) whining, bet-making, and running around in the last previous 2 episodes, so it was honestly pretty unexpected to watch him show off some real skill! His role as a worker in the cafeteria seems like it’ll be an interesting element of the plot in the future!

Pic 4.PNG

5. The Hannis Meet the CEO After… Dance-Protesting?​

The Hannis learn online that the whole scandal that got her fired ended up being a hoax. However, the grocery store wasn’t able to give her a job again. Feeling wronged, the pair of Hannis go to Joa Confectionary and stage a protest. But it’s not just any old protest. It’s a protest that involves a lot of dancing. One member of the crowd just so happens to be the CEO himself, Yuhyeon’s father. While they’re resting on a bench outside, he approaches them without letting them know of his identity. They chat about hard work and maturity; their conversation ends with Yuhyeon’s father telling the Hannis that he believes something good will come their way. Later, after their second (dance) protest, present day Hanni is approached and told that she can return to work. But she won’t be returning to the grocery store; instead, they’re offering her a job at headquarters. The very end of episode 4 teases that some surprising conflicts may arise from her new placement, though!

Pic 5.PNG

These episodes set up quite a few questions for us to investigate in the future. Is the Hannis’ new home really haunted? Why is Hanni’s grandma saying that their Hanni has returned? What happened with Hanni and her mom’s relationship? So many questions! You can catch up with “Hello, Me!” on Netflix.

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