5 Things Lee Jong-Suk Has Been Up To Since His Military Discharge

Returning from mandatory military service on January 2, Lee Jong-suk served a fresh lewk. Banish any thoughts of a buzz cut, the actor surprised us with hair that almost reached his shoulder. Guess Jong-suk got the leeway to experiment because he enlisted for military service as a public service worker (a car accident as a teenager caused him to end up with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament). Here’s what been keeping the actor busy.

​1) The first thing Lee Jong-suk did upon discharge was update his Instagram! “I thought about what I should post for like 2 hours. I haven’t taken any photos recently. This was the photo I posted after careful consideration,” he said.

Lee Jong Suk Instagram Photo.jpg

2) The very next day, Jong-suk got back to work, shooting for Esquire’s cover. Prada never looked better on anyone.

Lee Jong Suk Esquire Prada.png

I mean…

3)  Lee Jong-suk’s latest hobby is fencing (who would have guessed!) and he’s been practicing at Choi’s Fencing Club in Seoul. Call us biased, but for an amateur, he’s pretty much acing it.

4) The actor made sure to show up for old friend and founder of Beyond Closet label, Taeyong Ko’s intimate birthday dinner. The two have been close since Jong-suk’s high school days, when he began modelling, and walked for the designer.

Lee Jong Suk Taeyong Ko Beyond Closet De

5) BRB. Need a minute to recover from Lee Jong-suk’s ELLE Korea photoshoot.

Lee Jong Suk ELLE Korea photoshoot.jpg
Just one word for this shoot: daebak!

While the versatile actor is yet to announce a new project, he will appear in a cameo in The Witch’s sequel. Which genre would you like to see him attempt next? Let us know in the comments below!

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