4 Time Travel K-Dramas With Heartbreaking Moments

Over the years, there have been many time travel Korean dramas that have brought us with a lot of laughter, heartwarming moments and definitely heartbreaks.  Heartbreaks happen the most near the end of the drama. These moments are those that make the ending of the drama beautiful and captivating but it’s also the time where we are bawling our eyes out. Below are some unforgettable tear jerking moments in the final episode of time travel dramas.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. “Rooftop Prince”

The scene of Crown Prince Yi Gak slowly fading away from Park Ha after exchange of vows and kiss on their wedding day definitely called for a major heartbreak.  Though it makes sense that Yi Gak needs to return back to Joseon to reveal the mystery behind the death of his wife and to bring judgement to those villains but a departure will always be hurtful (especially when you don’t know if he will ever come back!)

rooftop prince.JPG

2. “Mr. Queen”

Jang Bong Hwan returns to the present and awakes from his coma just when Choeljong is shot in the heart.  This was definitely a heart wrenching moment where Bong Hwan wasn’t able to say his last farewell and most importantly, NOT knowing if Choeljong died or not.

mr queen .JPG

However, one sweet touch to this ending was Cheoljong’s crossed eyed picture found in present day history books.  This picture was painted during the time when Cheoljong tried to make So Yong laugh by crossing his eyes.  If the So Yong he loved really came from the future, then this was definitely a sweet memory between them that was passed down for 300 years.

mr queen 2.JPG

3. “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

After Hae Soo left the palace she has been constantly writing letters to King Wang So.  Unfortunately, he never once read the letters, as he mistook the letters were sent to him from Prince Jung, nor showed up to see her before she died.  Her final words before she leaves the world, “I’m going to forget you. I will forget everything.  Even in my dreams..I will forget all of you,” definitely hit the right feeling and broke our hearts into millions of pieces.  Hae Soo’s pain was like a dagger to our hearts.

scarlet heart.jpeg

4. “Queen In Hyun’s Man”

After Boong Do is stuck in the past and cannot return to the present, he decides to destroy the time traveling talisman in hopes that Hee Jin will forget about him and live a happy life in the present.

Hee Jin loses her memory of Boong Do after he burns the talisman, but her heart doesn’t.  In the final episode where Boong Do slips a necktie formed noose over his neck to prepare to hang himself, Hee Jins starts crying in the present.  Right when he kicks the stool and hangs himself, Hee Jin also feels it and cries desperately with all lost memories of Boong Do coming back.  That was a total heartbreak and tear jerking moment seeing our main characters suffer from separation and Hee Jin regaining unforgettable memories only to know that the one she loved is dead.

queen 3.JPG

What other heartbreaking moments did you experience in the final episode of time travel themed dramas?  Share your moments in the comments below!

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