4 Sentimental Moments In Episodes 5 And 6 Of “Sisyphys: The Myth”

Another week of enjoyment from Sisyphus episode 5 and 6. A lot of questions that were raised from previously were answered in this week’s episode with new hints and puzzle pieces dropped in episode 6.  Though a slower week, Sisyphus continues to have a lot for us to look forward to.   

This week’s episodes were not as action packed as prior as the writers tried to add more depth to the characters and storyline.   Let’s recap on 4 times in  episode 5 and 6 where we felt sentimental for our characters.

#1 “You’re the only person I know whether from the past, present or future”

Tae Sul tries to part ways with Seo Hae so that he can look for his brother alone as he doesn’t fully trust her.  Seo Hae was choking in tears as she said that Tae Sul is the only person that she knows from the past, present or future and he doesn’t know what it’s like to be alone.  Tae Sul’s words must have been such a blow to Seo Hae.  She endured so much to travel to the past to save him and now its like she suddenly lost all purpose and hope in life.  

#2 Ttukbaegi Bulgogi

In the future, Seo Hae and her dad are hiding from gang members in a sauna.  They discuss what it would be like to hang out there and what food they would order from the sauna cafeteria.  Dad mentions that he misses Ttukbaegi bulgogi but Seo Hae is unfamiliar with this food.  

In the present, Seo Hae visits a sauna with Tae Sul and greatly enjoys her first experience.  They head to the sauna cafeteria and Seo Hae remembers her conversation with dad and orders Ttukbaegi bulgogi.  This dish must  have been a great comfort as she can share a similar memory with dad when she returns to the future (if that happens) and to just bring back moments with dad while she’s here alone in the present..

#3 Amusement park

Tae Sul is slowly becoming more sympathetic for Seo Hae as he learns about the future and her situation.  Knowing that she missed out a lot while growing up, he asks her where she wants to go.  She wants to go to an amusement park to ride the pirate ship as she missed the chance due to the war.  Tae Sul initially refused to go, but his attitude changed as he senses more of Seo Hae’s loneliness inside.  It seems that Tae Sul is slowly leaving his playboy personality behind and settling with a girl.

#4: Tae Sul loses his mind

Tae Sul wakes up in the hospital with his most trusted acquaintances, Seo Jin and Eddy, both  telling him that he was in a coma for 4 days after he got shot at the conference.  Seo Hae, the attacks from the Control Bureau, teleporters and invention of the time machine were all just stories made up in his head. With everyone not believing his words forces him in deep pain and is pressured to accept that he has lost his mind.  Tae Sul’s expressions during this time were so painful and heartbreaking.  He was so alone deep inside. 

What are some sentimental moments that you experienced in this week’s episodes?  How are you finding Sisyphus: The Myth so far?  Leave your comments below!

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