5 Fateful Encounters In Episodes 5 And 6 Of “Hello, Me!”

In the new KDrama “Hello, Me!”, the two leads keep happening to run into each other in random places. Bahn Hanni says it’s coincidence, but Han Yuhyeon keeps claiming that it must be fate. In this week’s set of new episodes, our characters found themselves in each other’s company even more than usual! Here are 5 of these memorable encounters.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. In the office

Last week, we saw Yuhyeon convince his step-mother’s cronie (Cha Seungseok) to switch sides and work for HIM, instead. This week, he’s even telling the poor guy what to report about him. After running inside for some coffee, Seungseok literally runs into Hanni and spills coffee all over her jacket. She drops her ID card and Seunseok collects it. He shows it to Yuhyeon, planning to return it to the rightful owner, when Yuhyeon snatches it away. He then makes his way to Hanni’s department so that he can return it to her, himself, but it isn’t until later that he hands the ID card over. He stops to watch her struggle through the company’s dance routine first. This encounter has yet to bring a direct positive result, but for this fan, it was a moment to see Yuhyeon cutely watch Hanni from afar. So that’s a win, in my book!

Image #1.jpg

2. Outside the office

After making a few mistakes on her first day of work, Hanni jumps at the chance to volunteer for a food run. While she’s on her way back with lots of tteokbokki, she slips on a mass amount of dried beans all over the sidewalk, courtesy of our good friend Yuhyeon. This encounter ends with tteokbokki all over the path and a good deal of screaming. Yuhyeon then goes with her to try and get another order of snacks, but the stand is sold out. Yuhyeon gets a taste of the sauce and ends up saving Hanni with her coworkers. Once again, our Yuhyeon showed that all of those certifications he’s racked up over the years aren’t worthless, after all! Running into each other had a positive outcome, here!

Image #2.jpg

3. At the convenience store​

Last week, we unexpectedly saw both Hannis meet the CEO of Joa Confectionary, with the girls having no idea who he was. He was able to get her a job within the company, all without her knowing his role in it all. This week, Hanni was in a convenience store and was greeted by Han Jiman, himself, the CEO….while looking at snacks! She was there to inspect what the store did to sell snacks and where they placed them, when he approached her. She was able to show off what she’d learned while working at grocery stores and shared the “news” with him that she’d been able to get a job at Joa. He, of course, acted surprised and encouraged her to “take the bull by the horns” while on the job. Yuhyeon then “randomly” walked in and joined the duo. His dad signaled to him not to spoil his secret identity; instead, Yuhyeon told Hanni that the old man was senile and she ran off. For now, this was just another step on our characters’ way to the truth of who they all are. They’re slowly stitching the pieces together!

Image #3.jpg

On the eve of a new product pitch meeting, the development team needed someone to make a personal run to the factory. Hanni volunteers to go and fix the issue, herself, once again trying to find a way to help her team. On her way outside, she is stalled by a strange run-in with young Hanni, she makes her way out to look for a taxi. She isn’t able to get a cab, so Yuhyeon borrows a company car to drive her to the factory. Because OF COURSE they randomly ran into each other again outside. Because of this, Hanni is able to get to the factory in time and leave with the newly produced snacks without any issues! It’s not until the drive home where the issues kick in and make it challenging for Hanni to successfully finish her mission! But this encounter with Yuhyeon had many upswings for Hanni!

4. Outside the office (again)​

Image #4.GIF

5. On the street​

At the end of episode 6, Hanni is walking home from a team dinner. She’s drunk and dancing on the street when Yuhyeon runs into her AGAIN. What’s really special about this encounter is that Yuhyeon gets to see Hanni being really, really happy. So many of their run-ins and meet ups have been when Hanni was really upset or hurting in some way. So he was able to see a fun, bright side to her personality that he hasn’t gotten to experience much yet at this point. After watching her stumble a bit, he gives Hanni a piggyback ride home. As per usual in KDramas, this was a sweet moment for our lead characters and Yuhyeon’s responsible side got to shine. The episode ends with Yuhyeon putting Hanni to bed as…Anthony comes in? What a strange trio! But it’s definitely got me ready for next week’s new episodes! What will THIS encounter bring for our characters?

Image #5.PNG

I’m expecting there to be a large handful of sweet moments from Yuhyeon and many times for Hanni to prove herself at her new job. And of course, young Hanni will find ways to stir up some more trouble. You can catch up with “Hello, Me!” on Netflix. 

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