6 Memorable Idol Actor Roles In K-Dramas

We love watching our favourite idols singing, dancing and rapping on stage. They have amazing stage presence and even more amazing chemistry off stage. But many idols aren’t just known for their musical performance skills. Many have branched off into the acting world and are killing it. Here are some of my favourite performances by idols in Korean dramas. 

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!

1. Joy in “Tempted”

In Tempted or The Great Seducer as it’s also known as, Joy (Park Soo-young) from Red Velvet plays the college student whose life gets turned upside down by Woo Do-hwan’s character. When Joy first appears on screen, you would think she is an innocent and sweet character. But that isn’t who she is at all. Instead she has had to deal with an awful lot in her life. Joy manages to play the character so well including the trauma she carries from her parent’s divorce. While her and Woo Do-hwan’s romantic scenes are the cutest to watch, Joy truly shines in the scenes when she stands up for herself. 

2. L in “One More Time”

Infinite’s L or Kim Myung-soo as he is also known has acted in many dramas. He in fact just finished his role in Royal Secret Agent before his military enlistment. He also did a really good job in Angel’s Last Mission playing an angel opposite everyone’s new favourite Shin Hye-sun. But one of my favourite roles is in the lesser known One More Time where he plays a singer who relives the same day over and over as he tries to save his girlfriend. He starts off as a very annoying character but the character progression was amazing to see as he realizes his faults. 

3. Suho in “Star of the Universe

EXO’s leader Suho (Kim Junmyeon) has had several acting roles including in a movie and a musical. He did a good job playing a CEO in Rich Man, Poor Woman but I loved his role in Star of the Universe. He takes on the role of an idol who is going through a difficult time until he meets Byul Yi (Ji Woo). He played the sad and lost idol role so well especially because it’s such a far cry from the cheerful image he gives off as part of EXO. It was just a very sweet role, especially watching it as an EXO-L. 

4. Seong Woo in “More Than Friends”

I think Ong Seong Woo has been one of the most surprising idol turned actors. When I saw him in Wanna One, I could never have imagined him as an actor. But then he made his drama debut with Moment At Eighteen playing a high school student and he did it so well. His chemistry with the rest of the cast was amazing and he really showed the emotions of an eighteen-year-old. But he truly proved his acting ability in More Than Friends. He managed to play the moody teenager, the accomplished photographer and the man in love with ‎Shin Ye-eun so well. It was also nice to see him break off a high school drama and play a more older role. Oh and More than Friends also stars another idol-actor in the form of ZE:A’s Kim Dong‑jun. 

5. Jinyoung in “When My Love Blooms”

GOT7’s Jinyoung is another idol who has many acting credits under his name. He had his first lead role in He is Psychometric and he pulled off the role of a character with special abilities. In When My Love Blooms he plays the younger character of the lead. While he obviously doesn’t have as much screen time as a lead character, I loved his scenes. It was so interesting to watch him play the charismatic and passionate college student who is fighting the system and falling in love at the same time with Jeon So-nee as young Ji-soo. I also loved that he got to sing in the role.

6. Son Naeun in “Cinderella and the Four Knights”

Cinderella and the Four Knights had a truly star cast with  Park So-dam, Jung Il-woo, Ahn Jae-hyun, Lee Jung-shin and Choi Min. But even with the star cast, Son Naeun from Apink managed to shine. She also just recently acted in Dinner Mate but her role in Cinderella and the Four Knights was a delight to watch. She is such a sweet and pure character and adds something special to the show. Coincidentally Cinderella and the Four Knights has another idol-actor in the form of Kang Seo-woo from CNBlue and he plays a singer in his role.

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