4 Supporting Actors That Changed Our First Impression In Episodes 7 And 8 Of “Sisyphus: The Myth”

Compared to prior episodes, action scenes have significantly dropped in episode 7 and 8.  Instead of the cops and robber game between Han Tae Sul and the Control Bureau and finding answers to all this time travel business, we are now embarked on a new journey.  A journey to find Sigma and to hopefully succeed in changing the future.  We have reached the midpoint of the drama this week and it feels like all missing pieces are slowly coming together with a clearly identifiable villain that needs to be defeated before the protagonists can achieve their ultimate goal.

In order to lead the drama into an adventurous second half, the writers incorporated more dimension into the role of the supporting characters.  Unexpectedly, this provided a new perspective that is different from our first impression.  Let’s take a look at 4 characters that depict this.

#1 Mr. Park (Broker at Asia Mart)

First impression of Mr. Park was that he should be one of the antagonists in the drama and  wants to kill Han Tae Sul.  He was portrayed as a materialistic and cutthroat individual that was trying to chip off all teleporters by taking all personal belongings they bring from the future.  However, our impression of him changed in episode 7.  He was willing to turn himself over to the Control Bureau in order to keep the downloader going.  It feels like the downloader is not just a mechanism that he uses to steal from the teleporters, but may also be used to help them return to the future.   He may not be the nicest character but he may not be as bad as we initially thought.

#2 Choi Jae Sun

Sun was first introduced to us in the first episode of the drama.  First impression of him was that he was financially in trouble and would do anything to earn money and get rich.  He gave off the vibe as someone that would never put himself into trouble or try to be a hero.  It seemed like he was going to be a minor role to emphasize on the fact that teleporters have all information about the past. However, in episode 7, we see that he gave up the opportunity to go to New York to avoid the nuclear war in the future.  He stayed behind to protect Seo Hae in return for helping him turn rich.  I hope he stays safe till the end of the drama and nothing bad happens to him because of his sacrifice.

#3 Kim Han Young (Chairman of Quantum and Time)

From the very beginning, the Chairman seemed to be the big bad villain that wants Han Tae Sule dead.  He seemed to be the one that is behind everything and is using Sigma and Eddie Kim to help him fulfill his wants.  In episode 7, it was finally revealed that Sigma is the man behind all the damage to Han Tae Sul and his brother.  The Chairman is just one Sigma’s chess pieces to kill Han Tae Sul and because of this guilt, the Chairman decided to commit suicide.  I was a bit surprised by how quickly this role ended as I was expecting him to do more bad things to our protagonists.

#4 Kim Dong Hyeon 

Kim Dong Hyeon is not a significant character in the drama but we know that he is Sigma’s assistant.  He is the one that helped Sigma with his investments and earned great money from being by his side.  First impression of him was that he was a villain and another chess piece of Sigma involved with killing Han Tae Sul.   However, in episode 8, we see him running through the streets clutching onto some documents saying that he must warn Han Tae Sul not to meet Sigma.  Unfortunately, he gets killed by a car before reaching Tae Sul.  Although he is someone desperate for money, but he is not the type to give up his conscience for money.

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