5 Heartwarming Moments In Episodes 7 And 8 Of “Hello, Me!”

We are now halfway through this show and it’s hard to believe. Young Hanni is settling into her current life in 2021, Present-Day Hanni is determined to establish her place at her new job, Yuhyeon is a step closer to winning the bet with his dad, and Anthony…ok, he’s still waiting to hear about that new role. Some of our questions were answered in this week’s set of episodes and yet we also somehow have more questions. There’s never a dull moment with this drama! With these two episodes in particular, we had quite a few “awww” kinds of scenes, so here are 5 of those heartwarming moments!

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. Yuhyeon defends Hanni

Yuhyeon and Anthony find themselves at the same clothing store again, but this time they’re returning the coats they goaded each other into buying last time. After feeling caught, they both talk their way into taking their coats home again. Anthony asks Yuhyeon about his relationship with Hanni. Anthony calls Hanni “lousy” and Yuhyeon immediately goes on the defensive. Anthony claims to know her better, as though that gives him the right to say she’s lousy, but Yuheyon simply will NOT have it. He says, “She’s in no position to be called that by people like you. She’s an awesome woman!” When he walks away, feeling victorious, Anthony yells out that he’s kissed Hanni, sending Yuhyeon into an unexpected tailspin. He doesn’t let this comment go, though, and clarifies the situation with Hanni later. This moment feels really special because Yuhyeon has had a random kind of relationship with Hanni so far. So he’s starting to realize that he cares enough about her to ensure that someone else doesn’t bad-mouth her!

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2. Hanni saves the day

The Product Development Team from Joa Confectionary go to a strawberry farm to try and rectify a bad situation. They want to convince the farm to return their business to Joa, but they aren’t sure how to go about it properly. They try apologizing and justifying why they had to change vendors, but the company feels wronged and decides to not even grow strawberries anymore. Hanni calls Yuhyeon and asks him to share some recipes that use strawberries as an ingredient and she gets to work. She creates several dishes and snacks that focus on the berries and shows how their crop is special, which makes Joa special. In the end, they come to a new agreement and we get to see Jieun have a shining moment in front of the Joa Board, as well. Hanni’s confidence reaches a new level after this scene; she finds that she has a skill set and that they benefit her team and the company, as well.

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3. The Hannis defend a friend​

After a day of fun together, the Hannis are walking home when they come across Sohye. She’s being bullied by a group of girls from school and young Hanni steps in to stop it. It doesn’t end well for her or Present-Day Hanni, who tries to help as well. It’s not only heartwarming to see both Hannis try to defend someone who appears to be in need, but the way Sohye finds some bravery is inspiring, as well. The way this confrontation continues is unexpected, that’s for sure, and takes us back to the police station…again! This adventure ends with Present-Day Hanni chatting with Mr. Go about the Joa contest and parenting. I expect their conversation will be part of what Hanni decides to do in the contest, as he reminds her of nostalgic snacks.

Gif 3.gif

4. Hanni takes the blame​

In an attempt to show his “forgiveness”, Anthony calls together everyone that’s publicly defamed his character to complete some volunteer work (aka photo ops). Both Hannis and Yuhyeon go, even though they don’t want to, in order to avoid being sued. Anthony has Yuheyon clean up dog poop, because of course he does. After a lot of pictures for social media, Anthony’s team takes the volunteers out for dinner. Without realizing it, Anthony eats some fried chicken that had been dipped in milk before meeting the fryer and as we all know by now…that means trouble for our lactose intolerant friend. Unfortunately, the patron who went into the bathroom after Anthony saw him go in there and called him out in front of everyone for clogging up the toilet. As the volunteers all get out their phones to post about Anthony’s latest slipup, Hanni stands up and takes the blame. She even offers to unclog the toilet! While that alone was heroic, they chat afterwards and Hanni recognizes that it must be difficult to not be able to eat whatever you want. …and inspiration strikes!

Gif 4.gif

5. Hanni’s mom and grandma have a heart to heart​

Near the end of episode 8, Hanni’s mom and grandma are driving into Seoul. In a previous episode, Hanni’s mom had discussed wanting to bring her mother-in-law into the city to see a doctor and Hayoung offered them a place to stay. On this car ride, we quickly realize that the grandma is having a moment of clarity and is able to remember things from the past. She confesses to her daughter-in-law that she now understands why she decided to continue her late husband’s taxi driving job. They realize that they’ve been a huge help to each other over the years and that they needed one another. After all the difficulties they’ve endured together, this was a moment that was sweet to viewers and to Hanni’s mom, who’s taken care of her mother-in-law on her own for the last 20 years. Hanni’s grandma seems to be on some kind of mission to return something to young Hanni. Next week’s episodes will (hopefully) answer the questions we have there!

Gif 5.gif

Why does Hanni’s grandma need to see her? What will happen with the Joa contest? What is Yuhyeon’s step-mom plotting?? So many questions! If you haven’t started watching “Hello, Me!” yet, you can catch up with it on Netflix. 

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