“True Beauty”: Webtoon vs. Drama

True Beauty has finished its run a month back but we are still not over it. Needless to say, True Beauty was one of the front runner dramas to come out of tvN in 2020. Based on the popular Line webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi, the webtoon and the drama follows the primary plot line of a high schooler Lim Ju-Kyung who after being bullied for her appearance learns the art of make-up making her an overnight goddess in Saebom High School. The drama deviates a little on certain storylines from the webtoon making fans draw on the comparisons.

Here is a rundown of 5 differences that I thought were too good to miss and added a new flare to the drama. Let us know which plot line you would have wanted to remain the same.

Ps: Spoilers ahead!

1. Ju Kyung and Suho’s first meeting


Ju-kyung and Suho are the two leading characters and much loved on-screen pair be it for webtoon or the drama and their first encounter sets the plot in motion. In the webtoon, Suho and Ju-kyung’s first meeting is rather amusing, funny and awkward. They bump into each other in their go-to comic book store and have little to no conversation. But in the drama, the tone of their first meeting was dominated by dense air. They meet on the terrace of the building where Ju-kyung was thinking of suicide after being bullied by her classmates and was saved by Suho. Their meeting in the drama is elaborated. It head-on gives the idea of what may ensue and the direct insight on Suho’s character for which we need to wait in the webtoon.

2. Su Jin’s character arc


Be it webtoon or drama, Su-jin was set out to be the trouble maker. In any case, her story and character advancement have a distinct contrast from webtoon than in the drama. In the webtoon, Su-jin harboured negative feelings towards Ju-kyung since day one and wasn’t earnest towards her. Till the current update of the webtoon, Su-Jin has not driven the plot significantly and we are still left with a question mark regarding her progression.

In the drama, since the beginning she was an essential character, she was a good friend and genuine towards Ju-kyung. She even helped Ju-kyung protecting her secret of the no-makeup face. She was fierce and one of the top students in the drama who intensely suffered from anxiety from her family. In the drama, they closed her character well as somebody who comprehended her wrongdoings and worked on herself. She was one of my favourite characters in the drama and I rooted for her. 

3. Seo-jun’s friends

true beauty seojoon.jpeg

During the entire run of True Beauty drama, one thing that every K-drama lover gushed about was Seo-jun’s ‘gang’ of friends. In the webtoon, aside from his couple of friends who runs a clothing store no other friend was mentioned. But in the drama, he had not one or two but a bunch of friends aspiring to be gangsters and imitating gangsta lines from movies in the hilarious manner conceivable. Not only they went the extra mile to support Seo-jun but acted as the comic relief in the drama. You will wish to have friends like them. Dressing up as cheerleaders to support Seo-jun for his basketball match remains one of my favourite moments from the drama. 

4. Sweeter the romance, the better it gets


In the webtoon, there is a brief storyline of romance between Ju-kyung older sister, Hee-kyung and her homeroom teacher Han Joon-woo. But it did not progress into anything concrete till the current update of the webtoon. Likewise, for Ju-kyung’s friend and classmate Soo-ah in Saebom high. None of these two characters has any underline romantic plot to contribute to the webtoon as of now. But in the drama, along with the love triangle of the leads, we had the sweetest and adorable romantic plotline for these characters. So much so that the wedding of her homeroom teacher, Mr Han and Hee-kyung trended among k-drama lover and gave the absolute setting for the dramatic finale. Furthermore, who does not want to have a sweet and supportive boyfriend like Soo-ah? These new storylines gave the True Beauty drama a satisfying end. 


5. Ju Kyung’s first kiss

We need not admit that we had one of the biggest tug of war between Suho and Seo-jun in both, the webtoon and the drama. We even suffered from a high degree of the second lead syndrome and still not out of it. During the run of the drama, we all put our money on Seo-joon deserving happiness even though we knew Suho was the end game. On the contrary, in the webtoon, the author is still keeping us on our toes and our hopes high that who will end up with Ju-kyung. In the drama, inarguably, Ju-kyung’s first kiss was with Suho at the camp but in the webtoon, her first kiss was Seo-jun. Yes!! Seo-jun squad cheering in the background. Despite not in the drama, the webtoon did give us a heartfelt moment for Seo-jun.


Let us know in the comments below what other differences between the webtoon and drama can you find out? 

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