4 Important Scenes From Episodes 9 And 10 Of “Hello, Me!”

Present-day Bahn Hanni has been working hard to come up with ideas with Han Yuhyeon for the contest at work. Last week, Hanni felt inspired to create a snack for people who have food allergies, so this week we saw her explore some options and flavors. What stood out the most in this week’s pair of new episodes, though, are the relationships between the characters. So this week, I want to highlight some of the “side” couples and other emotionally charged scenes of the show because they’re the ones that made me literally shed some tears this week. These scenes also brought about some major shifts for our characters and will be important for the storyline moving forward.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. Anthony vs. Yuhyeon

While chasing down the “ghost” that “haunts” the Hannis’ rooftop apartment, we see Anthony and Yuhyeon begin their typical head-to-head competitive business. They hilariously throw things at each other, then decide to continue their argument after the “ghost” is caught. They end up meeting at a local park (a common KDrama location for fights of all kinds) and try to “one up” each other. Anthony touts his history with Hanni while Yuhyeon shows off his many certifications (again). Their threatened fight turns into a park bench sit-down where they have a conversation like adults. What’s so important about this scene is when Yuhyeon starts talking about Hanni. He feels protective towards her and tells Anthony, “She’s sweet and sees me the way I am without any prejudice.” He confesses that he just wants to be Hanni’s superman. After seeing him as a goofy, unguided character up to this point, we see a change in his focus and that difference is only the beginning for him!

Gif 1.gif

2. Yuhyeon pursues Hanni

After the great “ghost” chase and his sit-down with Anthony, Yuhyeon stops by the Hannis’ place to help them clean up. They sit down and share ideas for the contest, deciding to get started the following day. Little did Hanni know, that would mean 5 AM for Yuhyeon, which is when he shows up and knocks on their door, ready to start the work day. Yuhyeon and Hanni go to work together, taking the subway where our main man is ready to lay on some sweet compliments. He even catches her when she loses her balance, like any good leading man would. The rest of their morning together consists of breakfast, an offer to walk to her office, a run to hold the elevator, and offers for both lunch and dinner. This series of scenes between Yuhyeon and Hanni brings out some emotion because of how we see that change in Yuhyeon start to manifest. He’s finally showing some serious intention towards Hanni and her reaction to it is really sweet. Despite how confident she was in her youth, this adult Hanni hasn’t seen too many sweet encounters from gentlemen and we as the viewers know that she deserves to be treated this way!

Gif 2.gif

3. Jieun & Dohyun’s news​

I don’t always find myself paying attention to, let alone rooting for, the serious business side couple in KDramas. But Oh Jieun (Hanni’s childhood friend) and Yang Doyun (Yuhyeon’s step brother) are something special. We learn in episode 9 that they’ve gone through IVF treatments so they could become parents and that the treatments had come to an end. After experiencing some pain in her abdomen, Jieun learns from the doctor that she’s pregnant. Her and her husband’s reaction to the news made me cry some very real tears. She holds onto the sonogram picture while she processes the news and it’s a really precious scene. We also see in a flashback that when they were younger, Hanni asked Jieun what she wanted to be in 20 years and her response was that she wanted to be a good mom. For her to recall that memory in that moment was really sweet and added to the emotional experience. 

Gif 3.gif

4. Yuhyeon and his dad​

We learn in episode 10 that Joa’s CEO Han Jiman (aka Yuhyeon’s dad) has some kind of serious illness that could lead to blindness in the future. We’d seen some hints of this in previous episodes as he seemed to be making plans to pass the company on to someone else, but it was confirmed this week. He goes to a park at night and tries walking with sunglasses on, as though he were experiencing blindness and he literally runs into Yuhyeon. They go to dinner together and have a heart to heart about the past. Since he’s gotten older, Yuhyeon’s view of his father’s job and the snack industry has changed. But he still struggles with his feelings of loneliness when he was younger and his dad prioritized work. The relationship between these two has slowly been shifting each week as we get new episodes, or at least, the viewers have a more and more complete picture of their bond. Their frustrations, their laughter, all of it…we can tell that they both needed this scene to happen. They can only benefit moving forward from this sit-down between a father and his son.

Gif 4.gif

Why does Anthony say he’s partially responsible for Hanni’s dad’s death? Who’s the cab driver that once saved Yuhyeon’s life? Who was calling young Hanni at the end of episode 10? There’s still so much more that’s ahead in this series! If you haven’t started watching “Hello, Me!” yet, you can catch up with it on Netflix. 

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