5 Dive Studios Episodes You Need To Watch And Listen To

DIVE Studios is one of the first podcast networks featuring shows by K-pop artists. It was started in 2019 by Eric and Brian Nam and operates out of Seoul and Los Angeles. Dive Studios has grown from having one podcast to a full roster featuring some of the biggest names in the K-pop industry including Jae from DAY6, Eric Nam and Ashley Choi from Ladies Code. If you haven’t heard of Dive Studios as yet (where have you been) here are some episodes that are a must-listen.

Most of the episodes come out on all podcast platforms like Apple Podcast and Spotify. But all of the episodes including snippets from the episodes are also uploaded to YouTube which makes for fun viewing and listening. 

1. ASC Host catchup on the K-pop Daebak Show

Eric Nam hosts the K-pop Daebak Show, one of the pilot shows from Dive Studios. But before he started podcasting Eric used to host the After-School Club with JAMIE and Kevin Woo. In this episode, there was a nice little reunion between the three former co-hosts of the ASC show. It’s such a fun episode hearing them catching up and displaying their chemistry from the ASC show. 

2. Get Real with JUNNY

Another of the shows from Dive Studios is Get Real which is hosted by BM from KARD, Peniel from BToB and Ashley from Ladies Code. This show is where they “get real” about the struggles facing people in their twenties and early thirties. This episode featuring singer-songwriter JUNNY was so interesting as they checked about their 20s and what it was like for all of them when they first moved to Korea from America. Also I got introduced to JUNNY who has written some of the best K-pop songs like NCT U’s From Home and Suho’s Made In You.  

3. Eric from The Boyz on the K-pop Daebak Show

I didn’t even know much about The Boyz or Eric from The Boyz but this episode was just so hilarious. Both of the Eric’s had such great chemistry with each other which made for great listening. Eric from The Boyz also had the most funniest stories to share like how he narrated part of The Heirs script during his audition for his company to join The Boyz and sang A Whole New World. The episode was pure hilarity. A bonus was a couple episodes after where Eric was joined by his members, Kevin and Jacob who had also appeared on the show. 

4. Mint-choco debate on JackPod

Pentagon got the chance to host their own podcast called JackPod where they all made up their own ideas for the show. During one of the first unit shows hosted by members Shinwon and Yeone joined by Wooseok and Hongseok they had a very important debate. Every K-pop fan knows that mint-choco is a very serious issue. Some idols hate it, likening the taste to toothpaste while others love the taste. Pentagon decided to dedicate an entire podcast to the subject, debating the merits of the contentious ice-cream flavour. It was ridiculous but so very funny.   

5. Unboxing with Jinjin and Kino

Unboxing is the latest podcast edition to the Dive Studios family. It is hosted by ASTRO’s leader Jinjin and Pentagon’s Kino. There’s only a few episodes out but I can already tell it’s going to be hilarious. It’s also the only podcast besides JackPod which is in Korean. All the other podcasts are in English. The pair who were actually in school together and then both eventually became idols have such great chemistry even from the first episode. And I can’t wait for their members to appear on the show with them.  

Special mention: any episode of How Did I Get Here

Originally only hosted by Jae from DAY6, the show is now co-hosted by Jae and Alexa. It deals with the strange and wacky world of the internet. They spend the episode trying to make sense of something from the internet and usually end up confusing themselves. I also love the little comments from Diane, one of the producers. (Give Diane her own show!) 

Do you listen to the DIVE podcasts? Let us know in the comments. 

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