3 Confusing Scenes In Episodes 11 And 12 Of “Sisyphus: The Myth”

Two more weeks until the finale of Sisyphus: The Myth, but unfortunately the drama was trying to be too many things at once resulting in a downturn to the plot.  The writers were trying to incorporate a lot of unnecessary plot points that resulted in many loopholes that were not addressed by the writers. In this week’s episode, we got to see Tae Sul finally move forward with the loss of his brother and the backstory of Sigma, but there were many confusing moments which left me questioning more.  Let’s take a look at 3 confusing moments in Episode 11 and 12.

#1 Timeline Traversing Cure

In episode 11, Tae Sul gets injected with the decomposition shot to go into Seo Hae’s past as she’s lost in her mind and wandering through different timelines.  Tae Sul needs to find her and inject the cure to bring her back to the present timeline.  The writers most probably introduced this idea to further develop the relationship of Tae Sul and Seo Hae and also to help Tae Sul move forward from the loss of his brother.  However, what’s really confusing about this idea is how can Tae Sul bring along the cure with him when timeline traversing only happens within their mind.  The body of Tae Sul and Seo Hae are still in the present timeline and Tae Sul was only given the cure in the present timeline.  

#2 Tae San’s return

After Tae Sul administers the only cure left to Seo Hae, he is stuck wandering in his own timeline.  At this moment, Tae San shows up and says that he’s been here all along and gives his cure to Tae Sul so that he can go back to the present timeline.  Once Tae Sul returns, we learn that Tae San was given the decomposition shot by Agnes Kim so that he wouldn’t run away and be captured by Sigma.  I’m not too sure why Tae San would have the cure if Agnes forced him in the timeline traversing state.  Also, why would Tae San’s cure injection be intact when it’s just sitting in his pant pockets and Tae Sul’s injection break when it’s been in a metal case?  

#3 72 hours left

Near the end of episode 12, we are told that there is only 72 hours left before the nuclear war breaks out.  The last time that a date was mentioned was September 30, Seo Hae’s birthday.  I’m not sure how we can jump to a month forward within four episodes when nothing much really happened.  It still feels like Seo Hae and Tae Sul are finding answers to Sigma and how to save the world.  It would have made more sense if the writers could slowly build up the plot to the final 72 hours instead of focusing on unnecessary details that doesn’t bring much content or to the drama.

I’m not sure what my expectations will be for the final four episodes of this drama as things seem to be going downhill with the inclusion of a lot of unnecessary details.  However, I still hope that the finale can bring on some good surpises. What are your thoughts on the drama so far?

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