5 Moments From Episodes 11 And 12 Of “Hello, Me!” That Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat

If I wasn’t already a fan of Kim Young Kwang before watching “Hello, Me,” I would be now! His infectious laugh, outrageous reactions, and goofy smile have been a highlight while watching this drama. This week, there were quite a few emotional scenes with different characters that called for another side to his personality. As a result, we are giving Kim Young Kwang all the heart eyes this week! Here are 5 stand out moments from the two newest episodes of “Hello, Me!”

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. Yuhyeon encourages Hanni

This week, we finally got to see Hanni’s presentation for the Joa Confectionary contest. With a fresh haircut, she seems full of confidence as she waits for her name to be called. Yuhyeon shows up to deliver her old squid hat and cheers her on. He encourages her to be herself and tells her that their team is the best. With a “fighting,” she goes off with a pep in her step to present their idea to the board. In this scene, it’s Kim Young Kwang’s tiny hop of enthusiasm and his long eye contact that stand out the most. He makes it clear that if you have anything nerve-wracking to do, he’s the man you want to send you off. 

Ep 11 Gif 1.gif

2. Yuhyeon challenges fate

Yuhyeon learns the truth about the two Hannis and is determined to protect them both after a mysterious taxi ride finds them both in the hospital. Their shaman (aka Jobs) is there when present day Hanni wakes up and he delivers a warning. While he tries to figure out how to get the heavens back into balance, he asks that they do what they can to keep young Hanni safe. When Jobs tells Yuhyeon that if it’s their fate for something bad to happen, then that’s their fate, Yuhyeon decides he will have none of it. Very calmly and casually, he lets Jobs know that he’ll just have to change their destiny and walks away. OK WOW. We stan a man who refuses to accept a bad fate. It’s his confidence in this scene that’s making us send lots of heart fingers towards Kim Young Kwang. A terrible fate for the Hannis? Not on Yuhyeon’s watch. 

Ep 11 Gif 2.gif

3. Yuhyeon lends a hand​

After the Hannis get home from the hospital, Yuhyeon begins his mission to keep them safe and happy. He’s concerned that they left the hospital too soon and delivers some homemade porridge. Our hearts started thumping most, though, when he tells young Hanni to listen to her “mom” and to not wander around without her permission. He slips her a piece of paper and leaves. What was on the paper? His phone number and a note to call him if she needs to go somewhere. Aigoo! Between the note and the protective dad look he gave young Hanni, we were sold. Can we also call him if we need a lift? If that wasn’t ENOUGH, his skips down the street sealed the deal. Yuhyeon’s character is so full of happiness and no matter what else is going on, that side of him is always still intact. Kim Young Kwang took a loveable, but complicated, character and really brought him to life.

Ep 11 Gif 3.gif

4. Yuhyeon supports his dad​

After a report is filed that Hanni and Yuhyeon have plagiarized their contest idea, Yuhyeon’s dad exhaustedly goes home from work for the day. His step-brother gives him a heads up, so he goes home to check in on his dad. If their father/son relationship wasn’t already giving us heart eyes, this scene definitely did. Yuhyeon starts to defend himself, saying that neither he nor Hanni would do something like plagiarize. His dad encourages him by saying that he knows his son wouldn’t and says they should be patient. Then their typical, adorable banter begins when Yuhyeon calls his dad old. Ha! The cherry on top of this sweet, sweet cake is when Yuhyeon grabs his dad’s hand and holds it. His dad calls it “embarassing,” but honestly, doesn’t seem too upset about it.  Our hearts! They burst!

Ep 12 Gif 1.gif

5. Yuhyeon compliments Hanni​

Hanni gets home from being interrogated at work to find that her younger self isn’t there. She goes all around the neighborhood, frantically searching for her, worried for her safety. Young Hanni doesn’t answer her phone and is nowhere to be found. When present day Hanni returns home, she sees that the girl has come back and is casually enjoying some ramyun. Present day Hanni flies off the handle, letting her emotions out and leaves their house, needing some time to collect herself. Enter Yuhyeon, who happens to come across her crying alone. He sits with her as she cries and offers her a handkerchief. In what has become typical Yuhyeon fashion, he tries to make her smile without belittling her feelings. She confesses that she feels guilty that she isn’t as great of a person as she hoped to be when she was younger. He stops her and tells her that he thinks she’s amazing. Swoon!

Ep 12 Gif 2.gif

My main question at the end of this week is, “When will Yuhyeon stop calling Hanni ‘Old Lady’??” Ha! But episode 12 also really left us hanging and coming up with a new list of things we need to know ASAP. Is Yuhyeon’s dad going to be ok? Will his step-mom get way with her wickedness? What’s Hanni’s mom at her house for?? If you haven’t started watching “Hello, Me!” yet, you can catch up with it on Netflix. 

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