7 Reasons MONSTA X Is The Most Underrated 3rd Generation K-Pop Group

MONSTA X debuted in 2015 under Starship Entertainment after narrowly surviving the ruthless reality survival show No Mercy. Consisting of six members: Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, as of November 2019, where Hyungwon is the lead dancer, Kihyun is the main vocalist and Joohoney is the main rapper. With a wide range of vocal skills, amazing visuals, and great chemistry, MONSTA X is here to stay. 

The group has won several big awards at notable ceremonies like the Asian Artist Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, and many more. Despite all this MONSTA X hasn’t really received the same kind of attention or recognition that others in the industry have.

Here are seven reasons why MONSTA X is the most underrated 3rd generation K-pop group.

1. Their talent

MX- Talent.png

The X in MONSTA X stands for the infinite possibilities of their music. True to their name, Monsta X is a group of extreme talent as a group and as individuals. From Jooheon’s various mixtapes including the recent “Psyche” and Hyungwon’s DJ alter ego DJ H.One to I.M’s solo album “Duality” and Minhyuk’s hosting gigs on NOW and Inkigayo, these boys regularly deliver creative, intense, and diverse work that keeps fans coming back for more. 

2. Mature albums you can throw on repeat

MX - Mature.gif

During comeback and music award show performances most K-Pop groups stick to performing their primary and secondary title songs, but not MONSTA X. MONSTA X regularly dabbles into the b-side tracks because they are that good. They regularly write lyrics that target a more mature 19+ audience across multiple languages that can make any fan swoon. Plus these albums aren’t just a one-and-done listen-through, you can listen to them on repeat and never get bored.

3. Their manners


MONSTA X is regularly praised for their good manners even in the toughest of situations. For instance, at an overseas event, the group refused to let their fans kneel on the floor during the pictures for a fan meeting, until chairs were brought for them to sit on. Once the chairs were brought the members even helped clean and wipe down the chairs as it had rained before allowing fans to take a seat. 

They have also been seen regularly offering articles of clothing such as jackets to female artists to use to warm up due to the cold weather, cover-up due to their short costuming, and more.

Lastly, during a performance on Jimmy Kimmel live, they had to reshoot their performance of “Who Do You Love?” with French Montana multiple times because he was not only intoxicated but forgot his portion of the lyrics – the group remained cool as a cucumber in from of fans. 

4. Music video masterpieces


While some groups create cutesy stories to showcase their music, MONSTA X creates music video cinematic masterpieces that incorporate all their best qualities. Acting, dancing, and visuals – sometimes all together. But don’t take my word for it. Check out “Dramarama,” “Rush,” “Shine Forever,” and “Beautiful.” This list could go on and on, but if you’re still not convinced – just two words: “All In.”

5. Their love for Monbebe


Although there is always a gap between a celebrity and their fans, MONSTA X has always shown how deeply they care and how thankful they are for their Monbebe. They regularly post on their personal social media accounts, the Fan Cafe, Twitter, etc. any other place MONSTA X has an official account that they have access to. 

They are also one of the few K-pop groups that still accept gifts from fans and regularly wear them during practice videos, selfies, and VLive broadcasts for fans to see. 

6. Powerful & sexy choreography


Well powerful, sexy, and synchronized (most of the time). MONSTA X’s choreography is powerful, sexy, and usually synchronized. In the rare case, it’s not synchronized, it’s to give a member a less intense choreography for a solo, while the choreography of the other seems to get harder. Not to mention it’s complemented by amazing costuming and details that only add to the allure (and suffering of fans).

7. There’s a member for everyone

MX-Mbr for all.jpg

MONSTA X is one of the rare K-Pop groups that literally has a member for every type of fan. 

Whether you are quiet and a bit awkward (Shownu), are a ray of sunshine (Minhyuk), get easily embarrassed (Kihyun), have a straight forward demeanor and dry sense of humor (Hyungwon), are sensitive to criticism (Jooheon), have too much swag to be bothered (I.M) or would sell your soul for your favorite food (Wonho – former member). 

MX For All.png

If you’re more into visuals they have that too! Whatever type of physique you like MONSTA X is serving the full spectrum. From the muscular builds of Shownu and Wonho and slender dancer form of Minhyuk and Hyungwon to the lean, but not muscular Jooheon and I.M to the shorter, lean, and strong jawline of Kihyun. 

Are you a fan of MONSTA X? Let me know in the comments below!

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