5 Healing Moments From Episodes 13 And 14 Of “Hello, Me!”

Over the last couple of weeks, problems and conflicts seem to have been building and building on “Hello, Me!” Thankfully, this week brought us some steps towards closure that we’ve been itching for. Lots of hand holding, warm hugs, and kind words this week! These are 5 moments from this week’s pair of episodes that brought healing comfort to our characters.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. The Hannis and their mom

When we left off with episode 12 last week, the Hannis had come home to find their mom waiting for them. We smelled trouble ahead and we were…wrong! The Hannis tell both their mom and their older sister the truth, that young Hanni isn’t the daughter of a friend, and their mom immediately accepts it as the truth. After multiple episodes of tension between present day Hanni and her mom, this was the scene we’d been waiting for. Hanni’s mom says she’s able to accept the truth because she knows her daughter when she sees her. They hug, they cry, and it feels like they begin to reconcile. No matter what happened between them in the past, seeing young Hanni broke down any walls their mom still had up. It’s as though their mom is able to finally see her adult daughter as her very own child again.

Ep 13 Gif 1.gif

2. Yuhyeon and Seungseok

After Yuhyeon hears some confusing things and work, then can’t get ahold of his dad, he tracks down Seungseok and learns that his friend’s grandmother is sick. He finds her and gets her to a hospital, then takes her back home and cooks for her. Seungseok arrives and gets emotional, seeing how his hyung has served his loved one. He tells Yuhyeon what’s going on at work – the truth. In this scene, we see Yuhyeon once again utilizing one of his many certifications and he does so in order to help someone in need. After feeling sad and misdirected, he’s able to kind of center himself again. And since his family has been keeping him in the dark, this scene gives him a chance to shine and be needed again. This also reunited two characters that clearly needed each other’s friendship.

Ep 13 Gif 2.gif

3. Yuhyeon and his dad​

At the end of episode 13, Yuhyeon watched his dad struggle to get into a wheelchair and he finally starts to get glimpses of the truth. In episode 14, he confronts his dad about the rumors at work and the secrets he’s been keeping. Yuhyeon is so deeply heartbroken to see his dad struggle and their relationship is one of the best father/son duos on TV today. The most healing moment of the week is when his dad starts to tell him the full truth about his failing eyesight and Yuhyeon stops him. He tells his dad that it doesn’t matter if he has bad eyes because he has a healthy son. There’s crying and hugging and hand holding and it’s the most precious, heartwarming scene you could imagine. There’s so much understanding between these two characters and this scene seals their fate as a dynamic team.

Ep 14 Gif 1.gif

4. Yuhyeon and Hanni​

After a week of radio silence and a cold shoulder moment at work, Yuhyeon went to visit Hanni. (And he comes over in his hot guy chaebol suit, just as a side bar.) His whole demeanor has leveled up in the maturity department since the beginning of the episode, but he’s still our favorite side-grinning Yuhyeon. When she asked if he thought she was an idiot or a joke, he grabbed her hands. They both apologize for things they think they lack and both agree to share everything that’s happened soon. Yuhyeon is so honest about what he’s been struggling with, no longer hiding anything from Hanni. And she is finally willing to accept that he’s maybe more than just some frequent coincidence in her life. This is such a grounding scene; it’s like they both have their feet flat on the ground once again. And best of all, they finally get to see each other fully for exactly what they are. 

Ep 14 Gif 2.gif

5. Jieun and Doyun​

nKaraoke, fried breadsticks, and a pep talk from Hanni gave Jieun the courage she needed to confront her husband about the upcoming stockholder meeting and his role in the recent drama at work. He confessed that he knew about her involvement in the plagiarism scandal and she revealed to him that she never went through with it. He seemed surprised and also relieved to learn this. He thought he would be protecting both his mother and his wife through his decisions, but learning the truth caught him off guard. However, he’s convinced that the ball is already in motion and the meeting cannot be stopped…which makes us wonder if he knows something we don’t? Regardless, this scene needed to happen because this couple was bringing so much life and love to the show. With everything that’s going on (and is about to happen), they needed to be able to move forward as a united front!

Ep 14 Gif 3.gif

Next week we’ll get the final 2 episodes of this drama; I can’t believe it! We’ll finally get to know how the stockholders voted (Team Chairman, all the way) and figure out if young Hanni gets to go back to her timeline or not. I’ll be sad to see this one end, but it was a great run! If you haven’t started watching “Hello, Me!” yet, it’s time to catch up on Netflix.

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