6 Ways To Get Through Missing Park Bo Gum

There’s always a mix of emotions when your favorite actor enlists in the military as required for all Korean men at some point in their lives before the age of thirty. There’s grief in not being able to follow their activities on social media, catch a glimpse of them out in public or watch them on screen. This is true for the “Nation’s Son-in-Law,” Park Bo Gum, one of Korea’s most recognized and well-loved actors (having various nicknames proceed by “the nation’s”). 

He enlisted in the Navy on August 31, 2020, and is currently a member of the military band. While we may not see Park Bo-Gum ssi, until April 2022 (gasp), we can find comfort in the thrill of his eventual return and eagerly anticipate what he will show us next. But for now, here are six ways to get through missing Park Bo Gum: 

1. Watch his best dramas

“Reply 1988”


Follow the lives of a group of five friends in Ssangmun-dong, a small neighborhood in Seoul during 1988.

“Love In The Moonlight”


It’s a coming of age story about Crown Prince, Lee Yeong’s growth from a boy into a revered monarch, and his unlikely relationship with Hong Ra-on (a girl pretending to be a eunuch).



Brought together by fate, a woman who seems to have everything and a young man who seems to have nothing decide to give up an ordinary life to be together.

“Record of Youth”


Follow the lives of three young people in the fashion and entertainment industry as they strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair.

2. Check out his Navy promotional videos

3. Browse his magazine editorial features

Magazine Features.png

4. Watch his latest sci-fi thrillers dropping this year

“Seo Bok”

Seo Bok.jpg

Seo Bok is the first human clone and he possesses the secret to eternal life. Former intelligence agent, Ki-Hun, gets involved in dangerous situations as several forces want to capture and take possession of Seo Bok. 



5. Watch his famous CFs

Fans created the terms “Park Bo Gum effect” and “Park Bo Gum magic” to illustrate him as the advertising golden boy due to his ability to boost sales with his clever CFs. 

Nongshim Noodles (featuring IU)

Lotte World

Domino’s (featuring Song Joong Ki)


6. Listening to his music

Park Bo Gum has proven himself as a jack-of-all-trades! Not only can he act, model, and play musical instruments among other things, but he can also sing! Before heading off to the military he gave fans a final gift with the song “All My Love.” But don’t take our word for it. Check out his heavenly voice yourself. 


Are you impatiently waiting for Park Bo Gum’s return? Let me know in the comments below!

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