5 Necessary Moments From Episodes 15 And 16 Of “Hello, Me!”

Series finales are always bittersweet; you’re sad that you’ve lost something you looked forward to every week, but you’re glad to see a happy ending. That’s exactly how we’re feeling about the ending of “Hello, Me” this week. We had so many questions about how things would wrap up and it’s safe to say, the ending was satisfying. Here are 5 moments that we didn’t know we needed from the finale pair of episodes this week.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

1. Hanni encourages Anthony

The future of Anthony’s career felt like a giant question mark after last week’s episodes. This week, however, we saw him make a decision about how to proceed after the allegations of bullying. He goes to see Hanni and tells her that young Hanni told him he needs to apologize; he felt like hiding after their conversation. Adult Hanni then confesses that she understands what it feels like to want to hide. She felt like hiding from her younger self, but it was when she finally decided to face her past that she found the courage to change her life around. In this moment, we finally realized exactly why young Hanni came to visit present day Hanni in the first place. All season, there have been a few different theories floating around, but this was the confirmation we needed. It was also the most mature conversation Hanni and Anthony have ever had together in their lives. Ha!

Ep 15, Gif 1.gif

2. Anthony accepts responsibility

Anthony decides to hold a press conference and goes rogue from his planned speech. He admits to the bullying accusations and apologises. He also says he will leave the entertainment industry and says he will focus on repenting for his past actions. Not only was this a huge character moment for Anthony, since we’d seen him laugh off serious issues in the past, but the scene that followed with the guys from The Point Entertainment brought tears to our eyes. He tells them that he’d only been trying to look tough to hide how lonely he felt on the inside; suddenly our understanding of Anthony went through the roof. This goofy trio finally got to have a serious, healing scene before the show came to an end. Who knew we needed their group hug so much??

Ep 15, Gif 2.gif

3. Anthony brings Hanni healing​

Before Anthony left for his backpacking journey as his true self, Yang Chunsik, he stopped by to see present day Hanni. In what seems to be a final attempt to let go of any burdens, he confesses to her that he was the one that turned her in for skipping school when they were teenagers. This led to her parents showing up at her audition, which then resulted in her father’s death. He felt responsible for Hanni’s grief and had carried that weight for the last 20 years. This moment was more necessary than we could’ve realized because Hanni is able to say out loud that she’s the one that had to take responsibility for her dad’s death and she thanks Anthony for his honesty. They are both able to let go of that weight on their shoulders a little more in this scene.

Ep 16, Gif 1.gif

4. Grandma sees her “puppy”​

Ever since Hanni’s grandma saw her younger self, it’s like she can’t even process who the adult Hanni is anymore. This week, though, Grandma wakes up after young Hanni returns to the past. She approaches the present day adult Hanni and immediately calls her “Puppy” again. With tears in her eyes, she apologizes for placing so much blame on her granddaughter for the last 20 years after her son died. As the viewers, we could see how much Grandma’s love and affection meant to Hanni when she was younger, so it was hard to see that withheld from her adult self. This might have been the most healing and important scene of the finale, and we didn’t even know how much it was going to be needed until it happened!

Ep 16, Gif 2.gif

5. Yuhyeon and Doyun dance​

Earlier in the episodes this week, we watched Yuhyeon and his hyung reconcile and talk out what happened with the Joa Confectionary attempted coup. Doyun explained his role and who he was trying to protect; Yuhyeon expressed his gratitude. At the tail end of the finale episode, Yuhyeon joined Hanni’s team at Joa and the announcement for the morning exercise began. In this scene, we also learned that Doyun had taken over as CEO. In what ended up being one of our favorite scenes of the entire series, we watched as this pair of brothers did the company exercise routine. All the smiles, all the giggles, all the healing. We couldn’t have known how fun and resolution-bringing this scene could have been!

Ep 16, Gif 3.gif

Honestly, we could’ve shared 182 necessary moments from these two episodes. Ha! Anthony turned out to be way more important than we gave him credit for! Who knew that he would be such a clutch character when it came to the resolution of this drama?? If this was a series that you never started or that you have yet to finish, it’s time to catch up on Netflix! You absolutely will not regret it!

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