10 K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist

Whether you’re at the gym, working out at home, or trying to get through your seemingly endless chore to-do list (me), music undoubtedly enhances your experience making. For most of us, there’s usually that one token song that injects just the right amount of adrenaline and inspiration that makes the task or tasks at hand easier and time goes by much faster. So your playlist is an essential ingredient because who wants to work out or do chores in silence? No one.

But like everything in life, I found K-Pop can drastically improve it as well as my mood. How so? Check out these ten K-Pop songs to add to your workout playlist. 

1. MONSTA X – “Rush”

2. ITZY – “Wannabe”

3. BTS – “Mic Drop”

4. HyunA – “I’m Not Cool”

5. Stray Kids – “Double Knot”

6. BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

7. NCT – “Kick It”

8. Taemin – “Move”

9. Refund Sisters – “Don’t Touch Me”

10. MONSTA X – “Shoot Out”

Which of these songs is your favorite to workout to? Let me know in the comments below!

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