5 Books You Have To Read If You’re A K-Pop Fan

We all love watching our favourite K-dramas and listening to songs from our favourite K-pop groups. But sometimes your eyes need a break from watching a screen. It’s the perfect time to pick up a book and what better books to read than about K-pop and K-drama. Here are some of the must-reads.

1. “I’ll Be The One” – Lyla Lee

I'll be the one.jpg

This debut novel by Lyla Lee is the perfect read for all K-pop fans. But it isn’t just for K-pop fans. With its themes of queer representaton and body positivity, it’s a read for everyone. It centers on Skye Shin, a bisexual Korean-American girl who loves singing and dancing and wants to be a K-pop star. But she’s always heard from her mother and others that because of her weight, that isn’t possible. But Skye isn’t afraid to go after her dreams and show the world that she won’t let anything hold her back. Another cool thing is that the cover star of the book is K-Pop dancer Isabel Jones who posts the coolest videos of herself crushing K-Pop choreo on Instagram.

2. “Shine” – Jessica Jung

Shine by jessica jung.jpg

Shine is an extra special treat for K-pop fans as it is written by a literal K-pop star, Jessica Jung formerly of Girls Generation. Similarly to I’ll be the one, Shine follows a young girl trying to break into the K-pop industry while trying not to lose herself. The story follows Rachel Kim, a Korean-American who is a trainee at one of the biggest K-pop labels. Rachel has to struggle to achieve her dreams of becoming a K-pop idol while facing the pressures of the industry and struggling with a romance in the industry.

3. “Comeback” – Lyn Ashwood


This book by Lyn Ashwood is slightly different. It features a male protagonist and his journey within the K-pop industry. It centers around Emery Jung who is the member of a rising K-pop group. On the other hand Alana Kim escapes to Korea after experiencing a tragedy in America. The two meet and have to navigate the fame of being a K-pop along with Alana’s tragic loss which she is going through. It’s a light and fluffy read which shines a light on how idols are ordinary people who are just living out their dreams in the public eye. Best of all there is a second book on the way so there is plenty more of Emery and Alana to anticipate.

4. “I Believe In A Thing Called love” – Maurene Goo

I believe in a thing called love.jpg

This book is for all the K-drama lovers out there. It doesn’t feature a story about K-drama actors or is even similar to any K-drama plotlines. But the main character of the book, Desi Lee loves K-dramas. She also believes that anything can be achieved with a plan. That’s why she makes a plan to find a boyfriend using K-dramas. Creating a “K Drama Steps to True Love,” Desi goes after her first love – hoping that just like K-dramas she will win his heart by the tenth episode. With a special shoutout to Descendants of the Sun and many other popular dramas, this book will have you squealing at many of the cute moments.

5. “Somewhere Only We Know” – Maurene Goo

Somwhere Only We Know.jpg

In her latest book, Maurene Goo focuses on K-pop idols. An interesting thing about this story is that the bulk of the book takes place over one day. Lucky is one of the biggest K-pop stars and she’s just performed to millions of fans and is due to make her American television debut. But she wants a hamburger. She then bumps into Jack who is working on an assignment for a tabloid job. What unfolds is a cute story with some occasionally deep conversations between the pair and the inevitable drama which makes it a great read.

Have you read any of these books? Let us know in the comments. 

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