3 Reasons To Try K-Beauty Sunscreen

Did you know sunscreen is an essential step in your skincare routine?

It’s okay I didn’t either until I started doing my own daily skincare routine. Even for all the UV-protecting, anti-aging, and skin cancer-protecting benefits, getting into the habit of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis can be a struggle. Many of the options available in the U.S. are sticky, runny, leave a white cast on the skin, and have a time limit leaving consumers like myself less than enthusiastic to touch it let alone apply it to my skin. 

K-beauty has already made a name for itself in everything from sheet masks to essences, ampoules to serums, and now sunscreen. K-beauty sunscreen pushes the boundaries of what we’re used to with its delightful jelly texture, barely-there finish, ingredients that are good for you, and a price point that’s not going to break the bank considering how luxurious it feels. So whether you’re applying sunscreen daily or not, here are three reasons to try K-beauty sunscreen this year. 

1. More options

Both the Korean FDA and EU regulators have approved more kinds of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) filters than approved in the U.S. What this means is that K-Beauty sunscreen formulas are more diverse, offering a variety of options for consumers of varying skin tones and ethnicities. 

2. Rigorous vetting process

The SPF rating in the U.S. is pretty good, however, compared to the Korean system it falls dramatically short. The Korean system includes a PPD and PA rating systems that grade the strength of the UVA in more in-depth. 

The PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) is used to measure UVA radiation that causes skin darkening or damage. So if a sunscreen has a PPD rating of 20, that means it takes the skin twenty times longer to darken compared to unprotected skin.

The PA measures the Protection Grade of UVA rays. When selecting a sunscreen look out of the one with the highest number of +’s up to four for the most UVA protection.

3. Better ingredients

The U.S. FDA hasn’t updated its list of approved filters for sunscreen in more than twenty years. In comparison where the Korean FDA updates it regularly as new products have been passed their rigorous testing phases and are ready for market. Pretty daunting that the U.S. is still using sunscreen filters approved in the 90s, right?

Remember applying sunscreen is an easy addition to your daily skincare routine that takes less than sixty seconds. Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

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