EXO’s Baekhyun – “Bambi” Album Review

Known for his high notes and soulful vocals, Baekhyun has proven that he can fit into any genre as long as he isn’t expected to dance while hitting those high notes. As a member of EXO and SuperM he has participated in songs that have ranged from EDM and hip-hop to pop, but his solo work is truly something special. 

Baekhyun’s third mini-album, “Bambi” may have dropped on March 30th of this year, but I’ve had it on heavy repeat due in part to Baekhyun’s enlistment earlier this month. “Bambi” is a collection of six love-themed songs that delves into the smooth and sultry sides of R&B.

At just over twenty-two minutes long, Baekhyun immerses listeners with his velvety vocals that make you want to listen to it over and over again. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Love Scene

“Love Scene” not only sets the scene for the upcoming tracks but gives listeners a good glimpse into what they can expect musically from the album. The soft electric guitar mixed with Baekhyun’s dreamy vocals gives off a laid-back romantic vibe that will make you want to slow dance the night away. The entire song is lyrically beautiful but when Baekhyun sings, “You’re coming all the way from there. It looks like a movie scene. In the moment that has stopped, I walk in,” it feels like the first meeting between leads in a romantic comedy, instantly giving you butterflies. 

2. Bambi

Not only is the album named “Bambi”, but it’s also the name of the effortlessly sultry title track. “Bambi” is a dark and groovy track that showcases a fairytale-like love, especially in the bridge when he sings, “The stars are twinkling in your pretty eyes all night. All I want is you and me. Will you be my very first and last?” Not to mention the music video is mesmerizing as it leverages beautiful scenery to reflect the emotions and sultriness of the lyrics. It focuses less on Baekhyun’s face in order to amplify the auditory pleasure of the song, including various moments where he easily belts out high notes. 

3. All I Got

All I Got is a love ballad that brings out the best of Baekhyun’s vocals. His vocal prowess is on full display from the opening vocal note. The alternate beats mixed with jazz-like bass deliver romantic sentimentalism that makes you instantly groove to the beat of the song. That coupled with the confession-style lyrics “You are the owner of this love. All I need is you and your love,” show a hint at the power of love that captivates a person.

4. 놀이공원 (Amusement Park)

If you recognize “Amusement Park” you are not alone. This track and the subsequent music video were previously dropped in December 2020. The song embodies the cozy feeling that gives the sweet promise of love while the lyrics use amusement park-inspired metaphors to describe one’s love for their significant other. The exuberant feeling of going to an amusement park and the complimentary feelings of love are captured in the lyrics “Let’s go to a mysterious world. Colorful fireworks. A wonderful parade for the two. I am your amusement park.”

5. Privacy

As we near the end of the album, the fifth track “Privacy” transitions from the previous soulful tracks into something a little bit more seductive. Together with piano tunes the tap and synth-based beats create an echo-like atmosphere that feels mysterious. “Privacy” displays a thrilling, yet cryptic tone expressed with lyrics like, “The secret only between us. It’s not even on profile. From now on, you too are my privacy.”

6. Cry For Love

Aside from the title track “Bambi,” which I love in part due to the beautiful music video, “Cry for Love” is probably my favorite song off this album. This b-side track is an emotional roller coaster ride filled with sorrow. Throughout the song, Baekhyun reminisces about the memories of lost love after suffering a broken heart that fell in love too easily. The lyrics, “You made me feel so high, babe. Then crashed me to the ground, babe. I’m not good at love,” are like waking up from a sweet dream and facing a harsh reality. It is the perfect closing track to the album because it encapsulates the various stages of a relationship from start (“Love Scene”) to finish (“Cry For Love”). 

Which song on his album do you like most? Let me know in the comments below!

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