The Essential EXO Members Watchlist

Finally after more than a year, EXO have made their comeback with the special album, Don’t Fight The Feeling. Between enlistments, solo and unit comebacks, the group’s last comeback was in 2019 but now the group is back. To celebrate the group’s comeback, we decided to take a look at some of their best work that is not music-related. 

Along with their singing and dancing, most of the EXO members have done dramas and movies. Here are some to watch as we celebrate their comeback. 

“EXO Next Door”

The best place to start has to be EXO Next Door. This is a true fan-filled experience. The members star as fictionalised versions of themselves in this short web drama. It has loads of K-drama tropes like a love triangle and a childhood backstory but it’s so funny to watch. It also stars Moon Ga-young as the female lead. She had to choose between Chanyeol and DO before there was Suho and Seo-jun. (True Beauty reference, anyone?) 


EXO’s leader Suho has acted in several dramas and movies but a must-watch are his dramas The Universe’s Star (2017) and Rich Man (2018). Suho plays the lead role in both of these dramas and it’s just refreshing to see him play characters that are so unlike his actual personality. Both of the dramas rely on a lot of K-drama cliches but Suho makes them really enjoyable to watch. 


EXO’s only Chinese member Lay hasn’t acted in many K-dramas but he has done a few Chinese dramas or C-Dramas. Lay has also acted alongside Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga! One of his must-watch roles and a recent one from 2019 is The Golden Eyes which is a fantasy C-drama. It’s full of magic, suspense and action. 


Xiumin hasn’t acted as much as the other members in the group. But his role in Falling for Challenge is too good not to mention. It’s a web-drama so it isn’t that long but it’s such a sweet story that you will want to watch it many times. And Xiumin sings the OST for the drama which is a plus. If movies are more your thing, then Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River, in which Xiumin has a starring role, is a must-watch. But be warned, it’s quite tragic. 


The Baekhyun drama which has to be mentioned is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Even in a drama which features many of the best in the industry, Baekhyun still managed to make his mark in the show. His role is also quite tragic but he has many funny and cute moments. Oh and while this isn’t directly EXO-related, check out Baekhyun’s acting in the SuperM As You Wish series. It’s quite good even for a reality show segment. 

Here is a clip of him being his charming sell in “Moon Lovers”


Okay, so technically Chen doesn’t have any acting roles in a drama or movie. He also only has a small role in EXO Next Door. But Chen is the voice behind some of the best and most recognisable OSTs. So if you want to find Chen in a drama, just listen to his voice in Descendants of the Sun, Touch My Heart, Do You Like Brahms, It’s Okay That’s Love and 100 Days, My Prince – just to name a few.


Chanyeol is one of the members who has quite a few acting roles under his belt. He was the lead in EXO Next Door. But besides that he has had quite a few roles. He plays Park Shin Hye’s little brother in Memories of the Alhambra. He is barely recognisable as the intelligent but nervous hacker who creates a virtual world. Another must-watch of Chanyeol’s is the movie I Married An Anti-fan where he plays a Hallyu star working in China who meets his anti-fan. Oh and definitely check out Chanyeol’s latest work, The Box which he does a brilliant job in the lead role and where he sang many of the movie’s soundtracks. 


D.O. is the actor of the group. He played the second lead in EXO Next Door but has had many lead roles after that. He has played a teenager in Cart and a judo star in My Annoying Brother and he truly shined in both of his roles. He has already booked two more movies. But of course, we can’t mention DO’s acting and not mention 100 Days My Prince which earned him a whole new fanbase. His role as the prince who lands up in a village with amnesia is legendary. “Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable?” Oh and also make sure to watch It’s Okay, That’s Love for more amazing acting.


Kai has played the lead role in two dramas: Andante, a K-drama, and Spring Has Come which is a Japanese drama. Both are obviously a must-watch. In Andante, he plays an antisocial high school student who is a VVIP at his nearest PC room. And like Baekhyun, he also plays such a fantastic role in the SuperM As You Wish series. Another must-watch is Kai’s role in 7 First Kisses in which he plays a bit of the noona romance character. 


Besides his recurring role in Busted, Sehun has acted in several movies and dramas. EXO-Ls are eagerly waiting for the release of Catman which keeps getting postponed. But there are many other roles to watch. He also has an upcoming drama called Dear Archimedes. But a must-watch is Dokgo Rewind. Sehun does a really good job in the drama, especially as he plays twin brothers with completely different personalities. And then there’s also his role in the Lotte special, Secret Queen Makers. 

What is your favourite movie/drama with an EXO member? Comment below and let us know. 

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