Ranking EVERGLOW’s Discography

We’re doing something a little bit different today! Something about EVERGLOW’s latest comeback has really been impactful in my KPop playlist setup (read: they’re all I listen to anymore) and I decided to take a deep dive through their discography. Naturally, my brain began ranking them and this (un)official list is the final result!

While ranking these songs, I really tried to only consider the tracks themselves. I stayed away from rewatching the MVs and performance videos, since not every song has those visual elements. I’m a visual kind of person, so I didn’t want those title tracks to have any more of an advantage than they already did! Because I approached it this way, I was surprised by the final results! But it does feel like a truer picture of my music tastes. “EVERGLOW forever, let’s go.”

17. “GxxD BOY”

This b side is from their 4th EP and even though it’s at the bottom of my list, I don’t totally DISlike it. I actually LOVE the pre-chorus. I think it’s super melodic and it’s an ideal pre-chorus; it really sets the chorus up for success. But there are some harsh moments on this track that kind of have a bleh effect on me. The chorus is pretty repetitive, which is probably a part of that bleh feeling. I do love the whisper thing they’ve got going on, though. E:U absolutely kills this track; it fits her natural rap style so well. It gives her the freedom to have some more intense moments and sharper deliveries, which I’d never complain about. Overall, though, this isn’t the kind of song that I’d add to playlists or reach for when I’m in the mood for some easy listening. 

16. “D+1”

I love a good ballad. I really do. But this one just is…flat? It’s from their very first EP and I feel like their vocals are just a little bit on the weaker side. And really, those “weaker” vocals are super sweet sounding. So they’re not BAD by any stretch of the imagination. EVERGLOW couldn’t do anything poorly. They just aren’t as supported as their more recent songs are, which makes sense. We all get stronger with time and practice. Mia’s got some vocal moments that I really like and the harmonies are really pretty. It’s like they were giving us a heads up in their very first single album that we could look forward to lots of harmonies in the future. And it’s nice to hear our rappers singing.

15. “You Don’t Know Me”

This b side is from their second EP and I really, really want to like this song more than I do. However, there are chunks of it that feel out of place and throw me off. There are some sections that I really like, though, which is why it isn’t lower on my list. I think it’s the drum beat that throws me off. There’s a slight echo that makes the beat feel off from the vocals at times in the chorus. And as a former marching band drum major, that kind of stuff makes my ear like WHAT IS HAPPENING? Haha. I LOVE the opening, then the drum beat comes in and my brain is ok for a minute. When E:U does her rap, though, that echo throws me for a loop. Then I love the pre-chorus! The vocals are tip top shape. Then the chorus comes in and the beat again shakes me up. So I’m just back and forth over and over again. Haha. Sihyeon in the bridge gets me hyped every time, though. I love her and Mia’s voices so so so much. At the end of the day, there’s a fun vibe happening here and I don’t hate it. I love those elements above enough to move this 2 spots away from the bottom of the list. Haha.

14. “PLAYER”

This b side is from their 3rd EP and honestly, if you’re an ITZY fan, for some reason I feel like you’d enjoy this song. Haha. We have that whisper talk thing back, which I’m here for. And I always love how when composing a song, when they have the second verse almost exactly mimic the first, so they add in this extra layer to the instrumentals for the second to really fill out the overall sound. I really like the message of the song. Right away, you might expect it to be about a boy who’s a player. Maybe he dates lots of girls at once or whatever your definition of a player is. But really, the focus is on how the girl is refusing to be used like a puppet anymore. Mia sings, “The one who moves you is me.” So she’s the one that’s making all the moves now, rather than the other person in the relationship. The main player of the game has changed. I love how Yiren supports that with, “That’s me, not you. It’s me,” and Mia sings, “The protagonist is me.” What a great girl power track!

13. “NO LIE”​

We’re revisiting their 3rd album with this other b side and there’s quite a bit more English in these lyrics than we’re used to! I really appreciate the instrumentals on this track. It’s pretty understated and we hear more of the vocals, which is always a good idea. I love the melody in the pre-chorus, as well. The movement of the notes is really nice! While the chorus is repetitive, I like the layered acrobatic style sounds going on behind that “baby no lie” phrase. Kind of like with “PLAYER,” it’s poorly distributed, which I think is a small part of why it isn’t higher up on my list. I’m a big fan of Mia and Sihyeon, so I’m not upset about them getting lines, but I do wish there was a bit more flavor here with a mix of other voices.

12. “SALUTE”​

Ok we’re sticking with the 3rd album. Haha. This might just be their brightest song and it’s very, very girl power-focused. The message is about breaking stereotypes (which EVERGLOW does well). We get lyrics like: “Come out; don’t walk on eggshells,” and “Go against this world proudly.” Then the chorus ends with a, “Look at the confident us!” Love that. It’s like they’re inviting us in to be part of their confident girl club. Yes hi, I’d love to sign up for that please. Haha. I also love how Sihyeon sings, “Focus on us; follow this rhythm,” because the melody of those notes is so fun and inviting. I think this one is higher on my list because of how it stands out in their discography. It’s a little bouncier and brighter than most of their other tracks, in my opinion. It’s again very vocal heavy, this time tipping more towards Sihyeon than Mia. There are a couple of rap sections, but they’re short-lived.

11. “Moon”​

Heading back to their first album, we have this stellar b side. I’m a big fan of how they switch between different members throughout the song. They all mostly have short sections and it just bounces around. Aisha’s sections stand out to me the most, I think, because I really like when she’s a little more on the vocalist side than rapping. I also really like E:U’s rap style here. It’s super melodic! Even with the heavy instrumentals, the vocals are super delicate and light. That contrast has a cool effect on the overall track. When the beat comes into the chorus, I like how it changes things up and adds a little more flavor. This song feels like it’s a little lower and deeper than some of their more well known b sides. At least, the verses are a touch lower, which I like. There are quite a few reasons why this song is hitting around the middle of the list, for me. It isn’t higher because there isn’t really a big standout moment for me, but I do enjoy listening to it.


Up until this release with “LA DI DA”, I’d pretty much stuck to their title tracks. I feel like besides how sing-along-able the chorus is, it was the pre-chorus that really stood out to me initially. And the pre-chorus is still a big reason why I love this song so much. The way that Sihyeon and Onda tackle those notes is so interesting and inviting. And then Sihyeon gives us that high note at the tail end of the bridge that is *chefs kiss*. I love how they have a group sing moment with the “We are we are, we never fall, we are we are, untouchable” in the chorus. Again, that girl power message and their feeling of togetherness really gets to shine. And when I’m singing it along with them, I feel like I’m a part of something! You know, this one is a pretty bright song, too, and Onda’s voice pairs so well with the style. Overall, this is a song that I rarely skip and when I do hear it, it usually gets stuck in my head for a while.

9. “Bon Bon Chocolat”

[We’ve reached our first title track and it happens to be their debut number. It still blows my mind that they debuted so strongly. I know that it isn’t terribly unusual to have a strong debut, especially over the last few years, but this one was just SO strong. I remember thinking that they weren’t going to be an average girl group and I was right. It’s so easy to sing along to, which I certainly appreciate. This girl loves to belt it on the highway. Haha. It has the perfect amount of auto-tune so that we can hear that they CAN sing on their own, but it just adds the right touch of extra seasoning. E:U, you were right! We DO want your everything! Haha. I love the second verse and the depth that it adds to the track. It’s a really well produced song; that slight beat drop in the bridge. WHAT? And the stomps in that final pre-chorus? WHAT. And the lyrics. “I waited for this moment. Heart’s pounding.” That’s in their debut song?! How do they not weep when performing?? Haha. I would sob every time. I’d ugly cry and be like, “I DID wait for this moment! My heart IS pounding!!” And then they say, “You’re ready!” Girls, YES. YOU READY! And we got snippets from all the members, which I certainly appreciate.

8. “DUN DUN”​

Here we have the comeback that finally made me really sit up and pay attention to EVERGLOW. I really like how the second chorus has more instruments to it than the first. We can only do that exciting build up and drop off once and then the surprise is ruined. Haha. I think this could be my favorite E:U rap. Maybe also my favorite Aisha rap? It’s a tight race, really. Haha. It’s just a super powerful track from the top to the bottom. It’s very in-your-face; it makes you pay attention. I don’t know who wronged them and is now officially DONE, but…they probably deserved it. And hey! We get a solid dance break! Can’t be mad about that; I like what we hear in the track during this section. It’s not something we have to see to enjoy.

7. “Adios”​

This release originally got me pretty excited for what all EVERGLOW would show us in the future. Whistles. Whispering. COME ON. I have to say, E:U is the queen of this show, in my opinion. Wait…no, it’s Mia in that powerhouse first line. Maybe it’s Yiren with that, “I just want to let you know, stay out of my sight,” lyric. No, it’s Sihyeon because of that effortless high note in the pre-chorus, of all places. Or Onda leading us in the “see you later” refrain. Or Aisha telling us to keep her name out of our mouths. You see the struggle? What even is an EVERGLOW BIAS? Moving on…haha. Something about the transition between the verse and pre-chorus feels abrupt, which is probably why it isn’t further up on my list. I would’ve expected it to be lower because I don’t always love an instrumental focused chorus. But that “ooh” and “goodbye, avoir, adios” help break it up; I always sing along with those lines. I really like this title track. I can’t believe we’re only at #7. Ha! So that should tell you a lot about how I feel in regards to the top 6 songs. This was the part of my list where I wanted to just turn it into a 7 way tie or something because it was so hard to rank them.


And now we’re back to that 4th album and I feel weird having b sides ranked higher than title tracks. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes! The first verse alone really highlights why I love this song so much. That melody is so stunning and their voices are SO STRONG. Aisha, Yiren, and Onda absolutely RULE that second verse. Their vocals here are probably the best they’ve ever been and my ear is so happy to hear it. And Mia and Sihyeon’s vocals are soft and emotional in the bridge, which is nice, too. I like the chorus a lot and I enjoy singing along with it. I especially like how they break up “no good” with a couple of “yeahs” before finishing the “no good reason” line. I don’t know why that stands out to me, but I think maybe it’s because it’s unexpected? And I like when I think a song is going one way and it goes another. Haha. Ultimately, it’s the verses for me. Aisha gets hit with some complicated note progressions and she nails each one on the head like the pro that she is. I also really like how this song stands out in their discography for me. It just feels different from the other b sides.


I told you that I love a ballad and I wasn’t horsing around. We’ve now finally reached their latest album and obviously all 3 songs are in my top 5. I might go so far as to say that this is my ideal girl group ballad. Mia’s voice in the very beginning puts me into a trance immediately. The way she ends her phrases makes me want to give her a giant hug. And then ONDA’s sweetness melts my soul. This song is stunning. The layers of harmonies sprinkled around really fill out the sound and it’s like it reaches down to my heart and sets up shop there. Every time this song starts blasting through my speakers or my earbuds, it’s like I just…pause. It’s so captivating to me and it’s easily one of my favorite b sides of the year so far. I’m so glad that they released this song because it shows a whole new dimension to their musicality.


Here we have the other b side from their latest album. There’s a funkiness to this track that made it immediately shoot to the top of my list. I can’t help but dance and groove along every single time I hear this song. I find myself singing at the top of my lungs and smiling while I jam to this track. Haha. There may be an element of newness and novelty to this song for me and maybe over time, I’ll end up bumping this song further down the list. But I feel like it has longevity for me, which is something I consider when putting a ranking together. I think this is a song that I’ll keep coming back to and enjoying just as much as I do right now. A couple of moments that I especially love are Aisha’s higher vocals in the pre-chorus and the lyrics, “The dazzling moonlight shines on us. I want to dance under it, baby. Enjoy it with no regrets as if you’ve dreamed of this night.” There are other lines about putting sad days behind you and moving forward with the mindset of living life to the fullest. I’m all for that! 

3. “Hush”​

“Hush” is my favorite b side from this girl group. (For now lol) There are so many highs and lows to this song and it has such an interesting composition! The beat drops after the chorus?? Usually that happens in a song as like…the filling of a sandwich. We start the chorus, we get a bit of an instrumental stint, then we go back to finish out the chorus. But that’s not what happens here and it adds this melodic, airy quality to the song. So we have that deeper instrumental and bass layer, floating vocal runs, and then this flitting melody up high. It’s so beautiful! The lyrics and the overall feel of the song pair so perfectly together, as well, which I’m a TOTAL sucker for. It gives me actual chills. There are really youthful feeling lines like, “The adults want a quick answer,” and then references to auroras and bright stars. I feel like I can see those heavenly pictures when I listen to this song and the lightness makes me feel younger, as well. It’s all so dreamy and captivating. 

2. “FIRST”​

The way this song opens up feels like the start of an epic movie and I LIVE FOR IT. Then Mia brings in her swagger and Aisha tells us about the monster of our past coming for us, but Sihyeon reminds us of our power to overcome. The first minute is so powerful. Again we get group sing moments in the chorus, which just means that we’re ALL FIRST. “Don’t be fooled by lies. We’re all together.” And the BRIDGE. Those voices in the background are borderline haunting. My brain is all over the place, but stay with me. Haha. The way it ends…that harmony is so beautiful. It gives me chills. Those layers in the chorus, man. I need to look up who wrote and produced this song because they’re probably certified geniuses. The instrumentals are next level, you guys. All of those acrobatic sounds add so much interest and you probably didn’t even realize it. You can really hear it all well during the second verse rap section. I wish they’d released an instrumental track with the album because it deserves some more recognition.

1. “LA DI DA”​

This could very well be a perfect song, in my opinion. The Onda x Aisha in the pre-chorus back and forth is heaven. The harmonies throughout are heaven. The fact that it’s basically one giant middle finger to haters is heaven. The multiple rap sections is heaven. Sihyeon’s vocals in the chorus are so effortlessly perfect. The slight echo on the “la di da” lyric is stellar. Mia’s high note is everything, if not too short. The amount of pure attitude in this song is a MOOD. The transitions are seamless (hello SNAPS); it’s textbook greatness. E:U wrote this TOTAL JAM, my friends. Was it a cultural reset? Can we deem it so?? I can’t be the only one that feels that way. Surely. I think this is my favorite girl group song in general. Yeah, I can confidently say that. Like I said before, it’s perfect to me. The composition is genius, the lyrics are empowering and necessary, the vocals are STUNNING – gang’s all here! The lines are distributed well. It’s their best comeback and it’s a masterpiece. Thank you and good night. 

What are your top 5 EVERGLOW tracks? I’d love for you to share with me in the comments! Everyone connects with songs in different ways, so I’m always interested to know how others’ rankings differ from my own!

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