From Girl Next Door To Fashion Editor: 3 Reasons BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Our Style Icon

Whether you’re a BLINK or not, chances are you’ve heard of BLACKPINK — the K-Pop girl group composed of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé who instantaneously shot to super stardom after their debut in 2016. Not only does the quartet appeal to millions of fans across the globe with their genre-bending music, but are also well loved as individuals for their own personal sense of style, none as well known or as popular as Jennie Kim.

Jennie’s individual style strikes a balance between innocent girl next door and femme fatale. From streetwear and slouchy fits to high-fashion styles and relaxed styles Jennie has proven she can pull off just about anything. As a regular at Paris Fashion Week and the global ambassador of Chanel since 2018, she has found a way to effortlessly combine streetwear and haute couture. 

In honor of Jennie’s recent appointment as the Fashion Editor of Vogue Korea, here are three reasons she’s our style icon.

1. Her stage outfits


2. Her Chanel wardrobe


3. Her off-duty basics

off duty.jpg

Are you a fan of Jennie and her style? Let me know in the comments below!

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