7 Of The Coolest K-Drama Squads

We all know K-drama couples are often the most-spoken about relationships. But in many K-dramas, there are other relationships that shine – whether it’s friend groups or even working relationships. Here are 7 of our favourite squads. 

1. The Good Detective

The Good Detective is about a group of detectives at a Seoul police station who are trying to find a murderer. The series starts with Jang Seung-jo (Oh Ji Hyuk) joining the team led by Son Hyun-joo as Kang Do-chang. At first there is a lot of tension between the pair and the rest of the team as their work style clashs. However as the series goes on, they work together so well – often even lying and covering up for each other. And with season two reportedly on the way, we’ll get to see much more of the detective squad. 

2. Hospital Playlist

I’m sure there aren’t many K-drama watchers who haven’t heard of Hospital Playlist. The slice-of-life series which follows a group of friends who work as doctors. They’ve been friends for over twenty years and it shows in how they all interact with each other. While the main focus of the show is the group of friends, the show also features many other squads which make the show worth watching. There are the different departments in the hospital and within those departments there are the nurses, residents and interns who make up some interesting squad dynamics. Our personal fav has to be the gynecology department especially in season two. 

3. Search: WWW

Search WWW is great because it ticks two boxes. The trio of main characters are a really cool squad and they are also such a kick-ass feminist squad. The main characters work at rival tech companies. There are times where they compete with each other to be the best and sometimes it gets a bit messy. But when it matters most, they team up to take down those who want to mess with them. Im Soo-jung, Lee Da-hee and Jeon Hye-jin really shine in their roles and portray a truly heartwarming example of female friendship. 

4. Age Of Youth

This is a slice of life about five college students. While it is funny, it primarily deals with the real-life issues college students experience from eating disorders, student debt, sexual violence and more. The best part is that there are two seasons to watch. But more than that is so sweet to see how the five women first don’t get along when they move in together but slowly form the closest friendship ever. The antics they get up are also just a delight to watch. 

5. Be Melodramatic

Be Melodramatic has been sometimes called the grown-up version of Age of Youth. It’s also about friends who live together but they’re in their thirties. The show follows Chun Woo-hee, Jeon Yeo-been and Han Ji-eun as they go through their various struggles whether it’s with their work or personal and romantic relationships. But at the end of every day they return home to each other and they are there to laugh, comfort and be there for each other. The show is funny and cute most of the time but it also deals with some heavy topics. There is the death of a partner, being a single parent and more. Rounding up their squad is Yoon Ji-on as Lee Hyo-bong, Jeon Yeo-been’s brother who also lives with them. 

6. Hot Stove League

Hot Stove League centers around a struggling baseball team. Namkoong Min is brought in to coach the team but he also immediately gets on the wrong side of the managerial team with his unorthodox decision. There is also plenty of drama with the owner of the team who is preparing to dissolve the team regardless of whether they win or not. But of course the managerial team and the players all begin to work together and it makes for some touching viewing. We also loved Park Eun-bin in this drama – just an aside. 

7. Ms. Hammurabi

The last but definitely not least squad on our list is the one from Ms Hammurabi. This drama follows the day-to-day workings of judges within the Korean judicial system. The main characters are Go Ara a rookie judge, Kim Myung-soo as an elite judge and Sung Dong-il as the chief judge who mentors and judges the other two. The trio often disagree about which decisions to take in cases but also work together in the end to ensure that justice is served for all. As the series goes along, they learn a lot from each other and make sure their courtroom is a just one for everyone who steps inside.  

Which of these squads is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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