Jmin – “Homecoming” Album Review

Korean-American rapper JMIN marks his official debut under H1GHR Music with his first EP, “Homecoming,” and a homecoming it is. Born and raised in the United States, JMIN recently moved to Seoul to continue his musical pursuits and forge a better future for himself. 

Dropped on August 13th, “Homecoming” includes a total of seven tracks, including the title track “Dedication” featuring none other than Jay Park himself. Throughout the EP JMIN showcases his abilities as an artist and songwriter through genres like rock, EDM, pop as well as his signature rap style. This makes each song sound a little different while still keeping the album as a whole cohesive. Not to mention that a majority of the tracks are in English and include explicit lyrics, targeting a more adult-facing audience, as well as something listeners, have come to expect from H1GHR artists.

At barely twenty minutes long, “Homecoming” is a very solid debut album that not only makes it easy to listen to on repeat but proves JMIN is one to watch. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. “I Swear”

An upbeat song that gives off a cool alternate rock band vibe. 

2. “Don’t Worry” (feat. Mirani, PARK HYEOJIN)

A mid-tempo song that feels like the turning point at a party when drinks have hit and everyone is feeling good.

3. “Dedication” (feat. Jay Park)

A catchy melody track with a groovy vibe that gives off a chill summer feeling. 

4. “Want Me”

An easygoing track that gives off a sense of relaxed confidence.

5. “Wave” (feat. CAMO)

A laid-back and refreshing track that feels like you’re unwinding at the beach.

6. “You And Me”

An upbeat motivational style song that gives off the early stages of a relationship vibe. 

7. “Tryna Find Your Love”

An uptempo song that effortlessly mixes rock-style vocals and beats that feels reminiscent of jumping around at a concert.

Enjoying JMIN’s debut EP? Check out his previous works on his personal YouTube Channel.

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