“Nevertheless”: Final Thoughts

Nevertheless has come to an end, sadly for some and others not so much. Can’t quote any exact statistics on the show but judging from social media reactions, many people had strong opinions. They either loved the show or hated it, especially the ending. Well, we are kind of in the middle. We didn’t entirely hate it and we didn’t entirely love it as well.

(Warning, some spoilers ahead).

1. The ending was predictable and not the worst ever.

So it’s been a few weeks since the show ended and if you haven’t watched the final episode and you’ve managed to avoid all spoilers, stop reading now. So for everyone who has watched it, you will know that Yoo Nabi (Han Sohee) ends up with Park Jaeon (Song Kang). There were many debates that they shouldn’t have ended up together or she should have ended up with Potato Boy aka Yang Do Hyeok (Cha Jong Hyeop) or she should have ended up alone). But if promotions for the show were anything to go by even before the first episode aired, we should have expected them to end up together. Swoon wouldn’t have let them play all those cute couple games even if they weren’t endgame. So yes the ending was definitely predictable.

2. The leads’ chemistry

Whether you loved or hated Song Kang’s character, there is also no denying his and Han Sohee’s chemistry. From the teaser trailers to the Swoon promotional content to the actual show and the behind-the-scenes, the pair has a lot of chemistry that just leaped off the screen. Well that chemistry was sometimes a little too toxic on the show, it was definitely present in every scene they had together. It was more so evident when watching their scenes with other characters. It was clear how well they worked together. We can only hope they get cast together in more positive roles. Of course after Han Sohee kicks ass in her new role in My Name. (we are so excited!)

3. The side characters should have gotten more screen time.

We know that any drama has the main characters and the side or secondary characters who of course get less screen time but sometimes steal the limelight. Well that definitely happened in Nevertheless. Whether it was the secondary couples of Yoon Sol and Seo Jiwan, Bitna and Nam Gyu-hyun and Ahn Kyung-joon and Min-young or the seniors and juniors in the art department, they were all so interesting and funny. We know there are definitely many people who had wished that Yoon Sol and Seo Jiwan had gotten a lot more screen time with their adorableness. During those times when Park Jaeon and Yoo Nabi were being a little frustrating, the secondary characters were there to distract us and we welcomed it.

4. Loved how it deviated from the webtoon.

So we all know the drama was based on a webtoon that was published between 2018-2019. If you haven’t read the webtoon, we’d definitely recommend you do so. It’s really well illustrated and written. And if you have read the webtoon you will know that many things differ from the webtoon and the drama. The main thing being the ending, of course. In the ending, Nabi kind of ends up with Potato Boy. She and Park Jaeon also have their massive fight during the trip. While the webtoon is really good, the drama definitely aimed to make Jaeon a little more nice. The webtoon really shows the toxicity of their relationship. In that way, the drama ending was welcomed. There is also an interesting reverse parallel between the final scene in the webtoon and the drama.

5. Potato boy.

We can’t end off a recap of Nevertheless without dedicating some time to Potato Boy. It was a little frustrating to watch him pine for Nabi and know that he wasn’t going to end up with her. It was also a little sad to see. But one positive was that Cha Jong Hyeop definitely got a lot of attention from the show. The sweet chef who makes soothing vlogs won everyone’s hearts. And it was all due to Cha Jong Hyeop’s excellent portrayal. He’s acted in several other roles before this was and he was in The Witch’s Diner at the same time but this definitely won him a whole lot of fans.

What did you think of “Nevertheless”?

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