Underrated K-Drama OSTs That Should Be On Your Playlist

Apart from incredible storylines, swoon-worthy actors, jaw-dropping suspense, what makes a K-Drama so homey are their OSTs (Original soundtrack). OSTs add another definition to the drama. They are masters at pulling our heartstrings and make us more invested in the characters and their emotions. Let’s just agree that our hearts flutter when Yoon Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) flips Kang Mo Yeon’s (Song Hye Kyo) phone and “Everything” plays in the background or when Ji Eun Tak points at the Goblin’s sword, thunderstorm boomed and “Stay With Me” plays. Never forget the iconic use of OSTs at the end credits of any K-Drama. As much as we love a good storyline, we equally love a sterling OST album. But there are few OSTs and albums whose appreciation is due. Here are my handpicked albums I deem underrated that are a hidden gem.

1. “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Romance Is a Bonus Book has everything- books, warmth, Lee Jong Suk and a loop-
worthy OST album to play whether you are working or relaxing. The OSTs were soothing with the right amount of melancholy suiting the slow pace of the drama. Someday by The Black Skirts, an indie rock song became the pioneering moment in the drama between two characters. Will Bug’s “You Are Beautiful” is a brief introduction to the familiar feeling you get when you hold a book. Jannabi’s “A Story I Coudn’t See” is a perfect song for the rainy day song or a late-night slow-mo peace out. Do you want a song to get pumped up in the morning? Kim Ki Won’s “Powerdance” got you covered.

Jannabi – “A Story I Couldn’t See”

2. “Still 17”

Still 17 is a light, funny and full of life drama about two lost souls in the search of a home and the OSTs made that journey swift and surreal. “Everyday” by Seventeen is an upbeat track that played whenever our lost characters set out to achieve something. The perfect moment by Migyo tells a tale of the innocent laden first dates, first love and first crushes. “Just Stay” by the vocal queen Hyolyn is a soulful track enough to make or break your heart. Her high note towards the end of this song perfectly showed the long-brewing love between our two lead characters. The entire album has a feel-good vibe to play at any point of the time.

Hyolyn – “Just Stay”

3. “Are You Human?”

Sometimes actors intrigue you to watch a drama and sometimes it is the story, but
sometimes it is the melodic soul-stirring OSTs that compel you to watch a drama. Are You Human? An inexplicable story about a human and robot where OSTs were so good to even make robots feel things. The classical-pop piece “The Longing Dance” by Lim Ji Eun is one of a kind of OSTs amplifying the cinematic experience of the drama. “Love” by Hanhae is a feel-good and loop-worthy song never getting old. For the first time and Vixx’s “Is it Love” are more than just honorable mentions.

Lim Ji Eun – “The Longing Dance”

4. “Cinderella And The Four Knights”

Quite an old drama on the list, but its OSTs still feel like freshly baked bread. The OSTs album is the highlight of the drama that checks all the boxes. “For You” by BTOB and My Romeo by Jessi are the two upbeat and peppy tracks that will make your feet’s tap to their rhythm. For You, a remake of Super Junior’s 201O OST Angel is undisputedly one of the highly-rated OSTs in recent years. Cinderella And The Four Knights is a rom-com with a dollop of angst and soulful vocals accompany every angst to elevate that our leads are pining for each other. CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin’s “Confession” and Younha’s, I believe, are the perfect matches for it. The list does not end here. The album features some of the best voices from k-pop world and more beautiful ballad tracks.

BTOB – “For You”

Let us know which album are you adding to your playlist?

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