10 More Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist

This summer, I discovered GrowWithJo on YouTube and quickly became obsessed with her indoor walking workout videos. Lately, though, I’ve been putting her videos on mute and playing my own music, instead. There’s nothing wrong with her music, but I find that grooving to my playlists boosts my energy and I always end up burning more calories. So I wanted to share 10 songs that are on my exercise playlist that you should add to your workout (or driving or working or grocery shopping) playlists, as well.


This is the song that you want to have when you’re starting to lose your energy and you’re considering just sitting on the couch for a minute or two mid-workout. When this song comes up on my workout shuffle, I always get super excited all of a sudden. And then honestly, I feel a little sad when it ends. Haha. That 2PM power! I always yell along in the chorus with that “GO CRAZY” line. The groove of this track will force you to keep your body moving and the tempo is perfect for a comfortable pace. You’ll find yourself dancing a little bit, as well; it’ll put a little “pep” in your step. Other suggestions for pumping the energy up a notch: Super Junior’s “SUPER Clap” and Wanna One’s ”Energetic.”

The Boyz – “D.D.D.” 

Not only do I love walking workouts, but I also enjoy doing anything related to dancing. This song is on my walking playlist, as well as my Dance HIIT playlist. It’s the very first song on that playlist, because I like to listen to those songs in order, rather than shuffling them. So from the very start of my workout, this song sets my mood and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. There’s a lot of cool variety on this track, so it could fit with more workout styles than just walking or dancing. When The Boyz sing “dance dance dance,” I DO! The choreo for this song is iconic, as well, and some of those moves have a way of making their way into my workout. Ha! Other suggestions for dance-inducing tracks: The Boyz’s “THRILL RIDE” and HyunA’s “I’m Not Cool.”

Kim Dong Han – “FOCUS”

When I first started shuffling my playlists during workout videos, this song came on out of the blue and I immediately decided to create a new playlist just for these exercises. I didn’t want to forget about how much I enjoyed listening to this song. I love listening to this song during dance HIIT workouts because of the chorus. The melody takes my mind off of whatever difficult exercise I’m trying to do and the skipping sound on that second “focus” in the chorus always catches my attention. It makes me smile and dance around every time! Plus, it can help you…you know…focus! Ha! Other suggestions for songs to make you smile while you move: EXO’s “Power” and MAMAMOO’s “HIP.”

Dreamcatcher – “Odd Eye”

If you don’t have any Dreamcatcher songs on your workout playlists, you’re really missing out. What I like about “Odd Eye” in particular is the way the intensity builts in the pre-chorus and then the bottom drops out in the chorus, itself. This track makes me push myself a little further, telling myself it’s just for the length of this song. The intensity goes up and down with the tempo, so it’s a great song to get lost in. The rock element of it helps shake things up a bit, as well. This song has a really distinct intro, so when it comes on, it’s like a signal to me that it’s time to kick it up a notch. I love that! Other suggestions that make you want to kick the intensity up a little: Dreamcatcher’s “PIRI” and A.C.E.’s “Savage.”


Every workout playlist needs a touch of badassery and that’s what CL can offer you. This song is dripping in confidence, which is incredibly contagious.  “Energy. Power. Chemistry.” Feeling like you’re rocking your workout is the best; this song can help make you feel like you’re the queen of exercise. Haha. I always end up singing along to this one out loud, which helps me really zero-in on whatever I’m doing and give my all. “You got the sauce and it’s spicy.” This is a great song for when you’re really hitting your stride in your workout. Your heartbeat is up, you’re blasting those calories, and there’s no stopping you! Other suggestions for songs that will make you feel like a confident workout boss every time: KARD’s “Dumb Litty” and BLACKPINK’s “Pretty Savage.”


It’s no secret that EVERGLOW are my girls. When I was first putting together a workout playlist, I knew I needed some EVERGLOW on it and then I immediately thought of this song. This is one of the final songs on my HIIT dance party playlist because I love when the girls tell me, “You’re so dun dun.” YES! I’m done! Not only do I love when a workout is over (bc who doesn’t), but I love ending on a high. I want to end my workouts feeling strong and capable, like I just slayed a dragon. This particular song always makes me feel proud of myself and I find myself thinking, “I just did that.” Other suggestions for songs to end your workout with: NCT U’s “BOSS” and ITZY’s “WANNABE.”

Weeekly – “Tag Me (@ME)”

I’ve recently become a big fan of Weeekly and have found that their discography offers a fun mixture of brightness and a dash of something else that I can’t quite put my finger on. This song is definitely one of their brighter concepts, and its style isn’t for everyone, which is totally fine! However, in my workouts, I’ve found that the chorus and group chants add this noise to my exercise that helps me to get a little lost. Sometimes I like having songs like this sprinkled in with other styles; it keeps things from getting mundane! Plus, the tempo is perfect. It always helps me pick up the pace a little and puts a smile on my face at the same time! Other suggestions for songs that feel like (positive) noise: Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” and BTS’ “Dope.”

Apink – “Dumhdurum”

I love the melody of this song and the dreamy instrumentals. When I’m outside on a walk or doing an indoor walking workout, this song always helps me slow my heartbeat down just a tiny bit while keeping my energy up. The consistent tempo and melody allow me to kind of sync up to the music in my earbuds and go on auto-pilot for a few minutes. The melody reminds me of a disco, which makes it pretty unique on many of my playlists. Plus, their voices are so sweet and captivating. I get swept up, which is nice to help break my workout up a little. Other suggestions for songs that you can get lost in: LOONA’s “favOriTe” and gugudan’s “Not That Type.”

Super Junior – “2YA2YAO!”

If you didn’t know that this track was written and produced by Block B’s ZICO, then you’ve been missing out on some grade A fun facts! Ha! I’m a huge ZICO fan, and while I only really know a handful of SuJu songs, I jumped to check this one out when it was released. And I’m so glad that I did! This is a stellar workout song, no matter what exercise you’ve chosen to do. I love singing along to it while I’m moving; it boosts my mood and helps encourage me to keep working! Plus, a strong rap section in a song always does a little something extra to my workout. Other suggestions for songs that bring a little hip hop to the table: JESSI’s “NUNU NANA” and iKON’s “KILLING ME.”

Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”

I’m no spring chicken and sometimes I need more than just energy when I’m exercising. Sometimes, I need a special brand of energy: the youthful kind. I love adding some songs to my workout playlists that remind me of being younger and a little more capable than I am now. Haha. Red Velvet’s classic always does that for me. And somehow they carry that youthful energy throughout the entire track. I try to ride that energy boost as long as possible when I’m exercising and this song comes on. This is another song with iconic choreography that always sneaks into my movements, as well. Other suggestions to bring some youthful energy to your workout: TXT’s “Blue Orangeade” and SEVENTEEN’s “CLAP.”

Note: You can find the link to my Spotify playlists for HIIT dance parties here: (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1cY0KYiUI3f3Wy0qUOb5HL?si=yeObJosbSqSsnY_rigHSCA&dl_branch=1) and walking workouts here: (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7J1bD9dezIXWzKhRJWvrye?si=0tRRGSojShCrM94r5YvIlw&dl_branch=1)!

Which of these songs is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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