BTOB: Red Carpet Royalty

Whether you are Melody or not, chances are you’ve seen BTOB around the K-Pop industry for almost a decade. They are talented group of musicians able to effortlessly transition from rap to ballad to pop and back again in a single album (sometimes in a single song). However, there’s much more to this group of handsome singers and songwriters, they are also have hilarious personalities that they are more than happy to display.

While most celebrities work hard to create the perfect pose of style and grace, BtoB does that exact opposite, working hard to create the perfect silly pose that invokes a lot of laughs. What started as a joke in 2014 when Eunkwang imitated a baboon, has now become by fans and participants alike – cementing themselves as red carpet royalty.

Here is a look back at some of our favorites. 


SBS Gayo


KBS Gayo


Golden Disc Awards
KBS Song Festival
25th Seoul Music Awards


Dream Concert
Korea Music Festival


SBS Gayo


MNET’s Kingdom:Legendary War

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