Why “My Sweet Dear” Is A Must-Watch BL K-Drama

A new Bl (Boys love) drama has arrived in K-Drama land – My sweet dear starring Jang Eui So and Lee Chan Hyun. My Sweet Dear is a short classic web drama about two people who went from enemies to lovers. Jang Eui So and Lee Chan Hyun belong to two different schools of culinary arts. What will happen when they are being put against each other in the same kitchen? Will love find a place on their plates? Or will one of them leave after a month? Currently, four episodes are out and here are the few things I loved and not so much loved about the drama so far.

  1. Loved Jang Eui So

If you are not new to the Bl genre, then chances are high you have heard his name. Deemed as the first Korean Bl Where Your Eyes Linger, Jang Eui So led the drama. Since then, he has appeared in several Korean Bls. He is charming and a delight to watch on-screen. I would not lie that I came to watch My Sweet Dear for him. His character is carefree, easy-going and flirtatious at its best. If I can foretell, he may receive much more attention from this drama.

  1. Loved The Restaurant Setting

Most of the Bls is set in college or university, which may get a tad repetitive. My Sweet Dear is set in a professional world which is refreshing to watch. It gives more dimensions and tangent to the story and characters. The competitive field of restaurant and culinary business and how they deal with their conflicting emotions in the adult world makes this drama a decent watch. Not to mention the mouthwatering dishes gracing our screen are cheery on top of the cake, literally.

  1. Loved The Trope of Push-pull and Angst

There are some tropes and clichés in drama we will never tire of. A push-pull relationship with a dollop of angst is what My Sweet Dear promises to give us and I am expecting the same for the upcoming episodes. A lot of squealing from behind our pillows to heart-fluttering moments within the first 5 minutes of the drama is good enough to keep it going. The apron turn is getting all the limelight it deserves. If you enjoy these clichés, then this short drama is for you. 

  1. Loved-not-so-much the duration

With a solid cast and a good plot, the duration of each episode is around 15 minutes for 8 episodes, which are quite short but somehow this is the current format of web dramas. However, as a fan, we can always wish for more episodes or a season 2. One can always overlook the duration if they wrap up the show good and tie all loose ends.

My Sweet Dear is a light and easy watch. With the mysterious air surrounding Jang Eui So’s character, every episode is becoming intriguing to watch. The show is available on Viki to stream.

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