Our Favorite Fall K-Beauty Trends

If you’re a K-Pop fan, you’ve probably noticed some of your favorite idols embracing daring, colorful, and even retro beauty styles this fall. From colored contacts and men in crop tops to fake tattoos and everything in between K-Pop idols have been pulling out all the stops and not just in music videos.

Here are our favorite k-beauty trends making the rounds this fall. 

Eyebrow Slits

Back by popular demand, or maybe fan demand, eyebrow slits have reemerged as a top trend for male idols. 

Chunky Glitter

These idols set themselves off to shine on stage in more ways than one with this larger than life glitter trend.

Hair Extensions

Did your idol’s hair grow overnight? Probably not. Thanks to hair extensions these idols have gone from closely cropped looks to mullets and longer. 

Vivid Pastels

From soft pink to baby blue and orange, vivid pastel accents are making a splash and not just on these idols faces.

Messy Curtain Hair

These idols are taking bed head to a whole new level with a more natural and reserved look that favors their features.

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