Final Thoughts On BL K-Drama “My Sweet Dear”

The last episode of a Bl web drama My sweet Dear ended its run a few days ago. It was a bittersweet ride. My Sweet Dear is an 8 episode long drama revolving around two talented chefs and how things turn out among them when they are put against each other. Is there a scope of an unlikely love story to boil when the two chefs begin on the wrong foot? Here are my final thoughts on My Sweet Dear.

Spoilers ahead!

  1. Mature Storyline

As I have mentioned in my first impression article that the storyline is set against the backdrop of a culinary world and remained true to its flavour till the last episode. We see the over-bearing borderline scheming boss, professional rivalry, competitions and mouth-watering dishes on the screen. Even the development of our lead characters was well-paced in a brief span and did not seem rushed. The story progressed smoothly and made its intent clear without beating around the bush. Although, they left me with many question marks regarding the character of Jang Eui So and the ambiguous result of the head chef competition. For a web drama, they tried to hold the script tight with less action-driven and more moment driven.

  1. Fluffy Romance And Long Gazes

My biggest concern with web dramas is how they will justify the romance between two characters that started on a sour note in a short amount of time. But My Sweet Dear does not disappoint on that front. They devoted most of the screen time developing the characters of Jang Eui So and Lee Chan Hyung. The scenes are shot in classic web drama indie vibe and even the break-up is resolved quickly. Initially, I was expecting angst and a push-pull relationship, but the characters don’t resist falling in love with each other. Their scenes on the beach are aesthetic and soothing to watch. A sweet moment of realization came to me where you can see the growth of these characters and how they have grown with each other, making the story come in a full circle.

  1. Mediocre Acting And Camerawork

Jang Eui So and Lee Chan Hyung are budding actors. I went into the drama, keeping my hopes low in some departments. I was a bit surprised by Jang Eui So. He is gorgeous in long hair and a smug face, but I prefer his acting in Where Your Eyes Linger more than this drama. Lee Chan Hyung tries to do his best in his big maiden project. The supporting actors have little screen time, but they were adorable and well suited to the eyes. Aside from acting, too much close-up on the screen was off-putting. Choppy camerawork broke my attention from the scene, leaving a little less to imagine what is happening in the background.

  1. Good OSTs

For the web drama, My Sweet Dear OSTs have outdone themselves and their contemporary releases. With such a wide variety of OSTs on its album and some classic features, the OST album is a must add to your playlist. Both the lead actors have contributed to the album and, they sound good. Ma Boo by Dong Woo Seok is fun, teasing, and peppy track running throughout the drama. I think about you by Seung Joon is my absolute favourite ballad track. They have featured almost all of their OSTs in the drama, which should be done often by other dramas too.

My Sweet Dear might have missed the mark by a few inches, but it still makes up for a good watch on a lazy weekend with soothing vibes.

How did you all like “My Sweet Dear”? Let me know in the comments!

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