Rating The Post-“Kingdom” Comebacks 

Mnet’s Kingdom competition took place earlier this year. The show had many divided but there was no denying the amazing performances and collaboration stages that came out of the show. Stray Kids ultimately took the crown but most of the groups had comebacks after the show that were stunning. We take a look at the title tracks from those comebacks. 


iKON has been the only Kingdom group without a comeback post the show. We along with iKONICS are definitely waiting for the comeback. However, the members have been keeping busy through their various solo activities and YouTube channels.  


SF9 is the group that had the most recent album comeback (at the time of writing). They’ve released two mini albums with the title tracks Tear Drop (Turn Over) and Trauma (Rumination). The group were working on the Turn Over album as they participated in Kingdom. However, the choreography for Tear Drop was changed as the group wanted to incorporate some of what they had learned from their Kingdom stages. It was definitely seen in their sensuous performances for Tear Drop. In Trauma, the group continued showing their colours with fantastic performances (which fans sadly only got to see through four live performances). Both performances showed why the group is so underrated. 


ATEEZ have had one comeback post-Kingdom and they are currently gearing up for another comeback (for later in December). The group came back with ZERO: FEVER, Pt 3. The group actually got a bunch of their celebrity and industry friends to join on which song would become their title track. It was between the upbeat Eternal Sunshine and the darker Deja Vu. Both songs are great but it’s easier to see why Deja Vu eventually won. The song showcases the group’s talent which they’ve established since their debut. But it also shows how they’ve grown and developed with their performance and dance. The song also continued the group’s storyline from previous albums. The choreography is particularly amazing. 

Stray Kids 

Stray Kids have recently released their holiday special single “Christmas EveL,” consisting of double title tracks “Christmas EveL” and “Winter Falls.” However, the group’s main comeback post the show was with NOEASY. The title track with the comeback was Thunderous. Through the song, SKZ showed why they are considered one of the top Kpop groups right now and why they won Kingdom. Thunderous brought together the group’s iconic style along with some majestic traditional Korean musical and fashion styling. 


BTOB 4U as the most senior group in the competition probably had the biggest performance arc. The group is usually known for their slower ballads and very little choreography. However, following Kingdom, the group released 4U:OUTSIDE. Even while retaining the classic BTOB-style, the comeback showcased what the group had picked up from Kingdom. It’s also slightly funny that the song was called OUTSIDER because BTOB 4U definitely ended the show as the group most loved by all their junior groups. But the song might also have been a reference to the process which they went through. However, with a catchy chorus and choreography, the song was a real winner. 


THE BOYZ had two comebacks post the show. They first came back with the cute and catchy THRILL RIDE from the mini album, THRILL-ING. The song was a more fun and summery song – a far cry from the more dramatic performances from the show. However, a month ago, the group came back with their single album, Maverick with the title song, MAVERICK. This showed the group taking on a more mature sound with a faster paced song which marks an interesting direction for the group. It also has a super catching chorus. 

What have been some of your favourite comebacks from the groups post-Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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