Meet P Nation’s Power Couple: 3 Reasons We Love DAWN and HyunA

Whether you’re a new K-Pop fan or a long time veteran, chances are you know K-Pop idols don’t typically date, at least publicly. It’s a sensitive topic in K-Pop because agencies typically have a strict “no dating” rule with repercussions ranging from a public response from the agency or artist to contract termination. However, while some idols have found a way around the restrictions, others like Dawn and Hyuna weren’t so lucky. 

Before they were P-Nation’s power couple, they were E’Dawn from Pentagon and former 4Minute member turned soloist, Hyuna respectively. The two idols had been in a secret relationship for three years before their agency, Cube Entertainment found out. They terminated the pair’s contracts in early September 2018, citing that they weren’t “trustworthy,” and violated the rules. But don’t be too sad. The two weren’t agency-less for long, when P Nation, founded by “Gangnam Style” singer PSY, signed them both in January 2019. 

So what makes DAWN and HyunA P-Nation’s power couple? Well, the answer is what doesn’t? From their adorable chemistry to individual styles, we’ve rounded up the top three reasons we love DAWN and HyunA. 

Their Solo & Duet Albums

HyunA is the Yin to Dawn’s Yang. Where she is vibrant, he is monochromatic. Where he is hard hitting, nasally rap lyrics, she’s got a trademark sound that makes her raps instantly recognizable. Lyrically prowess aside, their personal styles in their music video aesthetics are also quite unique. HyunA is typically bright, vibrant and usually provocative as seen above from “I’m Not Cool,” whereas. Dawn is the reverse. His solo debut, “Dawndidawn,” was dark, monochromatic, and a little edgy that really exemplifies his rapper status. 

But together, they are an unusual mix that works. Their duet debut album “1+1=1” was a collaborative effort of their singer-songwriter skills that beautifully showcased their talents as rappers and vocalists. The music video for their title track “PINGPONG,” merges HyunA vibrant colors, with Dawn’s love of provocative fashion. Not to mention, the dancers who participated in the music video and comeback performances look like they are having so much fun. A true testament to Dawn and HyunA as artists and people.

Their Instagrams

Fans tune into the power couple’s Instagrams in hopes to not only catch a glimpse of their relationship, but also any behind the scenes details they might share about their lives, their music and each other. Dawn’s Instagram regularly features from HyunA. From campaign advertisements and backstage during comebacks to kissing photos and everything in between Dawn is a pretty open book with their relationship. Aside from relationship teasers Dawn’s aesthetic is pretty neutral, sharing everything from the day’s outfit to topless selfies. 

HyunA’s Instagram, however, is the exact opposite. She knows how to keep fans thirsty for photos of Dawn, and only teases photos of her man every once in a while. The rest of her feed is like a diary of her daily life, sharing makeup free selfies, nail polish inspiration, movie quotes, and more. 

Their Personalities & Charms

Dawn has a 4D personality which means he’s unique and a little weird. On stage he brings a strong presence and sexy performance, but off stage he is seen as the softest and most sensitive rapper in the industry. 

Like her counterpart, HyunA has a fierce on stage presence. She effortlessly portrays sexy images on stage, but deep down she’s like any other “alt” girl. She is known for being shy, hard-working, isn’t afraid to call Dawn by his real name when upset, and has a love for tattoos. 

Are you a fan of Dawn and HyunA? Let me know in the comments.

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