7 Things You Should Know About Rising Actor Park Solomon

All of Us Are Dead is a zombie outbreak drama released on Netflix on January 28 and has since garnered a lot of attention and popularity worldwide.  The drama was adapted from a webtoon Now at Our School and showcases a lot of young and up and coming actors.  Park Solomon, who plays Lee Soo Hyuk, is one of the newcomers that has captivated the hearts of audiences.  If you have not yet heard of him or just started to goggle him up, here are some facts that can kick start the new talk of town.

1. Birthplace

He is rumoured to be born in Uzbekistan and moved to South Korea in Grade 5.  He is said to have dual citizenship in both countries.  

2. What made him become an actor?

His acting debut happened in 2014 when he played the role of young Ma Do Hyun in The Legendary Witch and young Choi Kang Joo in Bride of the Century.

However, before becoming an official actor, Park Solomon actually wanted to be a singer but after several stage performances, he realized his singing was actually not that good.  After discussion with his parents, he started acting class and signed with Sidus HQ in 2016 and debuted in the movie Horror Stories

3. High school

He graduated from Apgujeong High School which has a notable number of Kpop alumni including Twice’s Nayeon, BTS RM and Suga.  He has also learned acting from Ahn Hyuk Mo, which is a well known acting coach to Song Joong Ki and Super Junior’s Siwon.

4. He loves exercising

Not only does Park Solomon have a charming face, but his visuals should not be forgotten.  He often shares workout pictures in his personal Instagram and we totally cannot get over his amazing physique and swoon worthy image that screams boyfriend material. 

5. He starred in a Chinese drama

In 2019, he was casted in a Chinese drama starring opposite to Chinese actor Zhang Dada and Li Yuxi in a Korean webtoon adaptation drama called Lookism.  It is a drama about two high school students swapping bodies.  Park Solomon learned Chinese for his role and even opened up a Chinese Weibo account to interact with the fans that he has garnered from this drama.

6. He is a fan of Big Bang

He is definitely a fan of Big Bang as he has shared numerous pictures of attending Big Bang concerts in his personal Instagram.

7. What’s his next project?

According to sources he will be starring opposite Shin Ye Eun in Disney+ upcoming drama Third Person Revenge.  Let’s keep our eyes out for his next project and keep cheering for this rising star!  Remember to follow him on Instagram at lomon991111.

Are you a fan of this rising star? How did you like him in “All Of Us Are Dead?” Let me know in the comments below!

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