5 K-Actors That Stunned Drama Lovers with Their Bodies In 2021

At the beginning of every new year, drama lovers come together to vote/discuss the best drama and acting of the year.  Before we close off the year, let’s also reflect on some best bodies in 2021 that were unforgettable. 

1. Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min recently received a Daesang for his role in “The Veil.”  Nam Goong Min is well known for his successful portrayal of versatile roles in dramas but this award came with a lot of sweat and pain.  In order to portray the role of a National Intelligent Service agent, Nam Goong Min worked hard to change his physique to visually fit the character.  In his recent episode of “I Live Alone,” he shared this transformation process, which included a restricted diet, protein based drinks only and 3-4 hours at the gym daily.  Fans and drama lovers were greatly impressed with his new body and taken back with the transformation.

2. Kim Soo Hyun

We are well aware of Kim Soo Hyun’s lean and well-trained body through his various roles and magazine shoots. However, he definitely took drama lovers by surprise with his role in One Ordinary Day.  In the first two episodes, not only do we see Kim Soo Hyun shirtless in a bed scene, but he went all nude in a scene where police stripped him down for physical examination.  His strong and muscular figure shown when undressed was very eye-catching.

3. Song Kang

Song Kang can definitely be described as a bagel (baby face + glamorous body).  He showed the perfect body of a ballet dancer in Navillera and purposely lost 5kg to better suit the sharp and lean body of his webtoon character in Nevertheless.  No matter what he undertakes to fulfill the appearance of his roles, no one can resist swooning over his body.  Recently there has been a photo circulating online of a fan who took a picture with Song Kang at the gym and he seemed to have grown bigger.  Some fans are loving this bigger and stronger Song Kang but others want him to stop getting any bigger.  What are your thoughts?

4. Wi Ha Joon

Wi Ha Joon shot to international fame from his role as the police officer who sneaked into Squid Game to find his brother.  Though there were no revealing scenes in his role, but drama fans were in awe from his shirtless look in his first magazine cover shoot for Men’s Health Korea in 2021.  This was also the first time that he revealed his chiseled abs and swoon worthy body since debut.

5. Yoo Yeon Seok

Yoo Yeon Seok’s portrayal as pediatric surgeon Ahn Jung Won in Hospital Playlist series captivated all our hearts with his sweet and warm-hearted gestures.  While viewers are deeply immersed in his gentle smile and sweet and caring moments as a doctor,  the director of the drama did not forget to throw in an eye-catching shower scene in season 2 to remind the audience that there is a well-trained body hidden under the doctor’s robe.  

Any of these actors especially make an impression in 2021? Let me know in the comments!

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