Get Ready: These ’93 Liners Enlist Soon

At some point, every K-Pop and K-Drama fan has to face the sadness of their bias enlisting in the military to complete their mandatory military service. This can take anywhere from 18 to 22 months depending on the brand and type of military service they sign up for. From now through 2023 those born in 1993 and 1994, who haven’t enlisted yet, will have to start preparing for military service if they haven’t done so yet. 

Here’s a list of idols who should be enlisting soon.

BTS’s Jin

Birthday: December 4, 1992

While Kim Seokjin is of age to enlist (and not a 93-liner), it’s important to note he hasn’t enlisted yet. Thanks to the so-called “BTS law” passed in late 2020,  K-Pop entertainers who have received government medals for their achievements cant defer their enlistment to when they turn 30.


Birthday: February 15, 1993

On February 8th, Ravi released his second studio album Love&Fight. Rumors have been circulating about his enlistment since spring of last year, but no date has been confirmed yet.

The Rose’s Woosung

Birthday: February 25, 1993

Set to go on tour with Epik High which kicks off in Seattle, WA on March 1st. It’s unclear if he received government approval prior to the tour being set or if he promised to enlist upon return. 


Birthday: March 1, 1993

Recently released his first single album, “Obsession” on February 16th, this feels reminiscent of what both Baekhyun and Taemin did last year – releasing one final album to go out with a bang before enlisting.

BTS’s Suga

Birthday: March 9, 1993

Suga is undoubtedly in the midst of a busy schedule. He recently produced the OST for the BTS based webtoon, CHAKO, as well as preparing for their upcoming concert series in Seoul, a new BTS album (if the rumor is correct), and a Grammy performance.


Birthday: March 30, 1993
Mino had a busy 2021 and is hopefully (although probably not likely) getting some much-needed downtime. He served as a judge on Show Me the Money, was recently featured on the show “Home Alone” and told fans to look forward to WINNER’s full comeback in 2022.

Monsta X’s Minhyuk

Birthday: November 3, 1993
Currently, serving as the interim leader of Monsta X, Minhyuk is quite the busy guy. From recent appearances on Knowing Bros and Inssa Oppa and being named a brand ambassador for Olive Young to gearing up for the U.S. tour in May, Minhyuk has his hands full. 

Monsta X’s Kihyun

Birthday: November 22, 1993

When he’s not making Monbebe swoon with his daily schedule updates on fan cafe, Kihyun can be found co-hosting Midnight Idol, appearing on Return of Superman, and probably in the practice room gearing up for their upcoming U.S. tour. Plus, if rumor has it, he may also be preparing a solo album in his down time.

BONUS: Already Announced

Block B’s P.O.

Golden Child’s Daeyeol

SF9”s Youngbin and Inseong

A.C.E.’s Jun

KNK’s Jeong Inseong

Which of these idols are you going to miss most? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts

  1. Monsta x since No Mercy. Been to 2 concerts in ATL. My loves will be missed but never forgotten. W8ing 4 Shownu. When Wonho left, nearly killed me. I had a huge argument w the b**ch n her loser gf. F em. MONSTA X FOREVER~♡♡


  2. I have this crazy theory that the remaining five members of Monsta X will enlist in December 2022. Although only Minhyuk & Kihyun are the only ones that have to (although I thought 1994 also had to enlist this year which would include Joohoney & Hyungwon), it makes more sense for them to just go and get it over with. There’s no sense in prolonging it. While the comebacks without Shownu were absolutely amazing, it still felt weird to see them perform without him. So I definitely don’t want them to have to keep doing comebacks without every member present. Also with Wonho’s enlistment announcement being official, maybe OT7 loyalists like myself can start praying for OT7 to reunite for a Kings of Korea World Tour. I just don’t think they get how to this day, Wonho leaving MX split the fandom. Now some Wenees get mad at you for mentioning MX & some Monbebes get mad at you for mentioning Wonho. It’s crazy. I don’t get why you can’t like and support both?!


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