3 Things We Loved About BTOB’s “Be Together” Comeback

From the comeback schedule and concept images to the music video teaser and the safe return of all the members from military service, the excitement leading up to BtoB’s latest comeback was at an all-time high! On February 21, BtoB kicked off their comeback for “Be Together,” with the emotional music video for the title track “The Song.” 

So without further ado, here are three things we loved about BtoB’s “Be Together” Comeback.

The Album

BtoB proved that they are definitely worth the wait with their seven-track album. Throughout the tracklist, the members effortlessly showcase their maturity, originality, and lyrical expertise fans know and love. As a whole, the album oozes comforting yet lively energy that is not only infectious but engrossing — guaranteeing that Melody will have it on repeat. 


While it may have been nearly four years since BtoB’s last album as a complete group, they proved they are a force to be reckoned with, racking up a variety of accolades throughout this comeback. Most notably they became the first group to win a music show after completing military services, a feat no other group has accomplished. Pretty awesome right?

Knowing Bros

As part of their promotional activities for “Be Together,” Peniel, Minhyuk, Sungjae, Changsub, and Hyunsik visited JTBC’s variety show “Knowing Bros” (or Men on a Mission). For those of you who haven’t seen the show, celebrity guests appear as transfer students wearing school uniforms while participating in random games as well as answer unexpected questions in the process of promoting their latest project. In typical BtoB form, the members brought their trademark chaotic energy, participating in several hilarious games including fan favorite, the “Whisper Challenge.”

Have you listened to the new album? What did you think?

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