Monthly K-Pop Music Roundup: March 2022

Springtime is upon us and our favorite KPop artists are dusting off their warm weather dancing shoes! This month brought us lots of Tik Tok dance trends, youthful tracks, and as ever, more earworms. 

These were my top 10 new releases of the month! Wait until the end to see what my 3 “songs you don’t want to miss” recommendations are for March!

Cherry Bullet – Cherry Wish
Released March 2

As someone who loved “Love So Sweet,” there’s something about Cherry Bullet’s latest title track “Love In Space” that feels familiar in the very best kind of way. Do I know what love in space is supposed to mean? No. Do I care? Not even a little. Ha! The way this song switches between longer drawn out phrases and super quick, almost tongue-twister like lyrics in the verses is super fun and unique. On this album, we also have 4 diverse b sides and I find that I genuinely enjoy each one. “Broken” and “KKa Kka” have a cool groove to them; “Hiccups” has a doo-wap style that I especially like; and “My Boo” immediately brings a smile to my face. The last one reminds me of something from the ol’ KPop days. It’s got some younger Red Velvet flavor to it or something like that, but then there’s also a section that feels like a new KPop twist. It’s got some unexpected moments, which I love! Overall, this album from Cherry Bullet was a fun and fresh start to the new music month!

Released March 10

This was one of those albums that came out of nowhere for me and was a pleasant surprise. TAN is a project group that was created from the program Wild Idol and is made up of some members from other groups, like 24K and RAINZ. Their first album here has 3 new songs and then an English version of their title track “DU DU DU.” The album starts with “Fix You Part1,” which was a song that came up as my playlist of new March albums was playing through and I stopped what I was doing to see what the song was. It’s only about 90 seconds long, so it’s more of an intro track, but the vocals certainly got my attention! “DU DU DU” has some really intriguing rap sections and the transitions in this song are top notch. They’ve got my attention now, so I’ll be looking forward to their next release!

Jay Park – “GANADARA (feat IU)”
Released March 11

First of all, if you haven’t seen this music video yet, I would highly recommend that you do that. The storyline of it is really fun and Jay Park shows off some acting chops that I didn’t know he had! IU, of course, is an actual queen. “GANADARA” comes to us after Jay Park’s exit from AOMG and I really wasn’t sure if he’d be releasing new music. This surprise single has a lot of the elements of Jay Park’s music that I really like. He’s got great raps, sure, but his singing voice is also super smooth and silky. My understanding is that “GA NA DA RA” is the beginning letters in the Korean alphabet that kids learn, kind of like learning the ABC’s in English. So there’s this playful attitude in the lyrics, like “I don’t know Korean that well, so you’ll have to help me.” It’s flirty and cute; I love that side of Jay Park. IU is the perfect featured artist for this track, as well; who wouldn’t want IU to swoop in to help them?!

Released March 14

The ladies of (G)I-DLE are back this month with a new, fresh concept, ready to take all of our lunch money and confuse us about what a tomboy is. Ha! But I ain’t mad about it! “TOMBOY” is a stellar title track and they’ve gotten so much praise for it. The b sides on their new album, I NEVER DIE, though are where the real party is. “Never Stop Me” is reminiscent of all of our punk rock phases from high school; “VILLAIN DIES” has a beat drop that’ll bring out your best stank face; “POLAROID” brings a little more softness and shows off some serious vocal ability; and “MY BAG” is a song I’ll be singing for the rest of my life. Ha! What I love about “MY BAG” is that each of the members has a spotlight section, which is the type of track that always makes me happy. It’s a no-skip album, for sure!

NU’EST – “Again”
Released March 15

For NU’EST’s final album, they re-released a number of their most popular tracks, as well as an urban version of “I’m in Trouble” as a gift for their fans. The title track for this album, “Again,” is an emotional tribute to their 10 years together and the fans that supported them along the way. The chorus says, “Then one day when I’m missing you,” they’ll meet again in the springtime. Considering the fact that the group’s debut anniversary is in the spring, March specifically, this is a really powerful sentiment for their fans. I love songs like this; I know it means more to some than it does to others, but I think we can all appreciate the end of a group’s career together and what they must be feeling. I’m glad that they had a chance to express those emotions before they disbanded. With this song, NU’EST leaves us with a song that not only honors each other and their fans, but showcases powerful vocals and strong emotions. What more could a fan ask for?

WEi – Love Pt.1: First Love
Released March 16

WEi is one of those groups that always makes me happy. The majority of their tracks are upbeat, fun, and make me smile. This comeback is no exception! Their title track “Too Bad” is exactly the kind of concept I like to see this time of year; it’s energetic and full of cuteness. “BLOSSOM”, the first track on the album, is warm, then we have tracks like “Super Bumpy”, which reminds me a lot of something NCT or Super M would release. They promoted this b side, so between their two staged songs, we got to see their bright and cute sides, right alongside a more powerful and intense image. I hope that shows people how diverse WEi really is! “Know Ya” has a more sultry vibe to it; “Good Night” is groovy and makes me dance in my seat; and the album ends with “Bouquet,” a sweet ballad. I know I’m biased towards WEi, but I really enjoyed this comeback!

Released March 16

When any member of MAMAMOO breathes, I take notice. There are some things we know we can always expect from any of these group members – attitude, vocal power, killer choreo, sheer beauty – but there’s always an element of the unexpected, as well. With SOLAR’s comeback as a solo artist, she threw everything she had at us. “HONEY” as a title track has everything we love about SOLAR, all wrapped into one track. She shows off her honey-like vocals (pun absolutely intended) and she even brings us a rap section in the second verse! I’ve enjoyed coming back to this track over and over this month. The melody in the chorus is addicting, playing over and over in my head long after the song is over. SOLAR’s album has 4 b sides with it, but for me, “HONEY” stands above the rest!

Stray Kids – ODDINARY
Released March 18

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this album since its release. I think it’s safe to say that “MANIAC” has been one of my most played title tracks of 2022 so far. I also can’t stop watching performance videos, the music video, and every other variation that pops up on YouTube. Everything about this comeback has been addicting! But what’s even more notable is how much I’ve enjoyed the b side “Waiting for Us.” Friends, KPop countrymen…this is a truly beautiful track. This b side just has members Bang Chan, Seungmin, I.N, and Lee Know, so who tend to be the ones with the majority of the vocal lines in their discography. There’s no rap section in this song; it’s just pure vocal glory. I think Stray Kids has a reputation for their youthful and energetic tracks which tend to break all the molds that have been placed before them. Songs like this b side, though, show us that they’re a multi-faceted group and a force to be reckoned with.

meenoi – “Tea Time (feat 10CM)”
Released March 24

This March track stands out on my top 10 list here because it only has around 100,000 views on YouTube. However, this is the kind of song that comes on and my first reaction is something along the lines of “Oh, yes.” Haha. Meenoi might be an artist that’s new to you, unless you’ve heard her song “DA DA!” or “I Can’t Wait (feat Loco)”, but don’t sleep on her! Maybe you know 10CM, who’s given us some memorable OST’s over the years. Regardless – this song really stood out to me this month. Meenoi and 10CM’s voices blend together in such a seamless way; it’s an easy-listening track for sure. This is a song that I want to put on repeat and do all kinds of things – homework, clean my room, go on a drive, and more. It helps to slow the tempo down on my playlist here, too. Ha!

OH MY GIRL – Real Love
Released March 28

I liked OH MY GIRL’s new title track “Real Love” this month. It really lets their vocalists shine and has some interesting melodies that added some delicacy to my March playlist. I’ve liked their previous upbeat and feminine tracks and this one continued that trend. As I listened through the rest of their new album though, I found some hidden treasures! I love the softer “Eden” and there’s something about “Parachute” that hits just right, in a way that’s similar to their hit “DUN DUN DANCE.” It’s got a groovy 1970’s something something going on, which is one of OH MY GIRL’s signature flavors! “Kiss & Fix” brings some sultriness to the mix, as well, which shook the album up a little bit. Overall, this was a sweet addition here at the tail end of the month. 

To wrap up, if you want recommendations for songs or b sides that you might miss this month, my top picks are: TAN’s “DU DU DU”, OH MY GIRL’s “EDEN”, and Cherry Bullet’s “Hiccups.” All 3 have very different styles and sounds, but I hope there’s something amongst them that you like!

What were your favorite releases of the month? Share with us in the comments and we hope you’ll return next month to see what our favorites were for April! 

One thought

  1. Stray Kids for the win! Manic is my favorite Oddinary track but I love them all! Love Venom and Muddy Water too. Every track is sooo good! Agree, love all their related content like practice and relay performances as well as show performances. Particularly love Studio Choom and their radio show studio performances. SKZ are so talented, hard-working, creative, and versatile. And such sweethearts too. A very special group!


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