3 Reasons TXT’s “The Dream Chapter: Eternity” Is Worth The Hype

When it comes to K-Pop, groups typically follow a concept or storyline for a set number of albums before switching it up. Following this model it allows idols to subtly reinvent themselves on a consistent basis that is easily digestible for fans. It could be as simple as a hair transformation or as in-depth as switching from a cute concept to a more sultry one. In a year where we saw K-Pop groups pump out mini-albums every few months (thank you pandemic), Tomorrow X Together (TXT) reigned supreme in doing just that. 

“The Dream Chapter” series focuses on that youthful time of life when friendships and relationships feel like they will last forever. While the first two albums of the series were blissful and limitless, the third chapter “Eternity” shows the group living their dreamscape behind for a much harsher reality.

Here are three reasons TXT’s third album “The Dream Chapter: Eternity” is worth the hype.

The Unique Music Video Concept

To say the music video for the title track, “Can’t You See Me” is fantastic is an understatement. It’s an indicator of what the album represents. It’s a great mix of the fun and friendly energy TXT is known for while also showcasing the dark reality of growing up. The music video creates a mysterious atmosphere and depicts how as we transition to adulthood, friendships become distant, break apart, and lose that youthful innocence they once had. 

Phenomenal B-Side Tracks

If you weren’t a MOA (TXT fan name) before this album chances are you got into them through a b-side track. Tracks like “Drama,” “Fairy of Shampoo,” and “PUMA” appeared on trending K-Pop playlists across Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. Not to mention “Fairy of Shampoo” was TXT’s highest-charting song in the U.S. and Korea in 2020. But that’s not what makes these b-side tracks phenomenal. It’s TXT’s ability to switch up their sound, show their adaptability to the current times (pandemic), and offer fans something more than a rinse and repeat of sound that many new rookie artists follow. 

Their Personalities Shine Through the Lyrics

TXT is the second boy group from BigHit, behind BTS, so the expectations are undoubtedly high. Nevertheless, In true TXT form, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai have proven their ability to take everything in stride. Choosing to see their successful seniors as role models instead of a competitor – when they aren’t fanboying over them of course. 

Throughout “The Dream Chapter: Eternity,” TXT questions the dark sides of fame, friendship, and isolation (both as a result of growing up and the pandemic). The songs are a mix of bubbly pop that puts you in the mood to dance and R&B, that you can’t help but listen to on repeat. It’s also the first album that TXT tried their hand at songwriting, which beautifully allows the personalities of each member to shine through.

Have you heard “The Dream Chapter: Eternity?” If so what’s your favorite song off the album?

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