Indie Artist Minsu Releases Double Track Single “Friendzone” featuring BIG Naughty

Minsu (EPK) has released a double track single “Friendzone” on July 8, featuring BIG Naughty (he is an up-and-coming rapper, one of the final 3 finalists on the 8th season of Show Me The Money). 

Cover art by Jo Ahyung

South Korean indie pop singer Minsu has released a double-track single “Friendzone” on July 8. Her witty but lovable approach in unfolding complexity in relationship thrives again in both songs, each sprinkled with different musical inspirations: latin pop and gospel.

First track of the single “Friendzone” can be mistaken as love-triangle themed at first glance. But as the title implies, it’s about how sometimes friendships can contain the level of intensity that it could mislead you into confusing it with romance. Along with BIG Naughty’s swift vocal, the predominant latin pop influence encapsulates that feeling of hazy summer night perfectly.

Time Out, on the other hand, has a much more elevated feel around it – taking inspirations from Gospel and Motown, the song has very much fable-like narrative structure. Her dreamy vocals, gospel chorus and dramatic kick sounds building up towards the climax sonically presents the tension of new love.

Listen to the new track here:

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