The Volunteers Release New Single Titled “New Plant”

The Volunteers, South Korean alternative rock band with Yerin Baek as its front person, releases new single “New Plant” on July 12 6pm KST. The band’s first release this year since their self-titled debut, “New Plant” is a succinct yet effective portrayal of The Volunteers and their music, packed with lyrical yet explosive energy.

Title track “New Plant” is a tale of fame and the illusionary glamour around it. “New Plant” is a metaphor for an action of renewing oneself and hence re-establishing oneself to others – a necessary course to take to fill the void felt within.The Volunteers is set to perform in their second headlining show later this month, “This is TVT Club”, which recorded another sold-out for the band.

Cover art by Rosa Sawyers

Listen to “New Plant” here:

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